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In coronavirus pandemic


    In coronavirus pandemic


    Have you ever heard of the effect of lipstick? Some say lipstick is the barometer of an economy: lipstick sales increase as consumer sentiment declines during economic downturns, while people tend to treat themselves with cheaper indulgences.

    When the American economy collapsed in 2001 after September. After 11 attacks, lipstick sales increased approximately 11% in the second half compared to the first half. This led Estee Lauder President Leonard Lauder to invent the term “lipstick index.”

    Lipstick sales would also have increased in other struggles, such as the 2008 financial crisis. Some even say that this pattern of consumption was evident in the Great Depression some 90 years ago.

    While the merits of the theory are controversial, it appears to have been shown to be true in Korea. When the economic downturn started worldwide in 2008, lipstick sales increased by 20-30% in the second half compared to the previous year.

    However, after the COVID-19 crisis, lipstick was replaced by eyeliner, as the pandemic created a “new normal” in wearing masks throughout the day.

    Kim Min-jeong told us that she usually made up her lips after eating, after talking a lot, or when she felt the color was gone. But now she doesn’t because she wears a face mask. She is now more concerned with her eye makeup because it is visible to others. “

    Beauty vloggers post videos on YouTube showing how you can professionally apply makeup with a mask and highlight your eyes with makeup.

    A YouTuber named Theodore even released a clip called “Mask Makeup” on his Theodore Makeup channel, which shows how to apply a basic mask while wearing foundation, powder, and lip gloss while applying perfect eye makeup.

    Kim’s story is reflected in sales reports from the cosmetics industry, as eye makeup products see a jump in sales, but lip products are misbehaving.

    According to Lalavla, the health and beauty chain operated by GS Retail, sales of eye makeup increased 51.8% in March compared to the previous year.

    According to Lotte Shopping, eye cosmetics from high-end brands such as Bobbi Brown and Dior posted 40% growth in online retail sales in the same month, while lip product sales increased by 2.2%

    At Gmarket, the e-commerce platform operated by Ebay, lipstick sold 21% less than the previous year from February 23 to March 22.

    Aekyung Industry’s cosmetics brand Luna experienced a 100% increase in orders for its Luna Proof Extreme Slim Liner eyeliner brand from March to February.

    Many cosmetic companies also offer eyeshadow palettes. Givenchy launched its eyeshadow palette on Monday 9 De Givenchy and Aekyungs Luna launched their Tone Crush eyeshadow palette in March.

    Amorepacific men’s cosmetics brand BeREADY launched a new line of eyeshadows earlier this month.

    Because face masks have become an essential means of preventing the spread of the contagious virus, consumers also choose makeup products that do not contaminate their masks. But someday, lipstick will be popular again, and if you want to get an shiny one, you can visit, one online shop sells all kinds of make up and they have a great promotion now.