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    World without me is unimaginable. I was first invented actually to save wildlife as comb, piano keys, dressers, billiard balls; all were made out of ivory historically. But in mid 1800s the elephants were facing extinction for the first time. Then few years later, a young inventor John Wesley Hyatt came up with an alternative. The need to preserve scarce natural resources made the production of synthetic alternatives a priority. I provided those substitutes.
    Sooner after a revolution began.

    It was a revolution for an immortal thing on earth and that was “me”.

    Yes, I am “PLASTIC”.
    I am immortal.

              I was made using leftover gases from petroleum production. At the beginning, all were happy as I was cheap and no natural resources were being used to prepare me. I was easily available for the ordinary people as well. From plastic band-aids to plastic bottles, I was almost every household’s first choice. Everyone got addicted to me.

             Once I was thrown in a rubbish dump area packed with some leftover eatables. I was lying open in the ground. Lots of flies and some strange kinds of insects also tried to smell me and taste me. Some birds also pecked at me. At last after sometime, a cow came and tried to eat the eatables packed in me. The cow tried a lot to chew me at first but as I was unchewable, so while eating the eatables, the cow gulped me accidentally. Now I went straight inside the cow’s stomach, to which he could not digest me any more. After a long-time, I was able to come out of the cow’s digestive system in the same state as I was. But that poor cow fell ill.

            At last, I was free and was roaming freely in the open ground sometimes with the direction of flow of air and sometimes I was being kicked by somebody’s foot and was thrown to far off places. After a few months suddenly rainfall occurred, and I was flushed along with the rainwater to the course of river. There I was floating in a very cool and calm way and I was happy to be in a river as nobody was there to disturb me anymore. But as the flow of river is not static, so after few months, I was flown towards the Pacific Ocean. Oh God! What a phase of life it was for me. There I had to face high tides and waves constantly. Even I had to face tsunamis, cyclones and some other kinds of natural calamities also but anyhow it could not destroy me. As if I was growing more and more stronger in the due course of time. After 3 years, I managed to reach seashore of a European country in alive state still.

            From thereafter a decade, I reached the Arctic region where it was too cold with snow beds everywhere. There I was frozen under the ice bed for another few decades. Due to the increased problem of pollution, global warming started and the ice bed over me started melting very slowly. Ah! I was free again but was flowing along with the melted ice water. To my surprise what I noticed that I was being headed towards the Pacific Ocean again. I felt like as if I was returning to my maternal home after a long journey away from home. I was happy and was feeling proud to be alive even after passing through so much of turmoil in my life.  Isn’t it a surprise that I was still alive and healthy? Is there anything else other than me which has high survival rate like me on earth?

    Nobody can kill me, destroy me and vanish me from the earth. Even if you burn me, I will generate toxic and hazardous gas from me. In any way, I will only create pollution and hazard to your environment. Only solution is

    3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle me.

    Once I am born means I will remain ‘immortal’ for ever and ever. That’s why I am Immortal!




    Pranita Devi
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