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Inner Voice of My Mind




    Inner Voice of My Mind

    -by anusha chauhan


    I want to share something about my life. I know very well I am a girl and I don’t have the authority to do many things in this society.  All the rights are only available for boys. This is thinking of our society and our parents follow this society because they live in this. They never think about their children’s passions, freedom, future. I am a married girl. Before marriage, I was do everything which I was want to do, hangouts with friends, adventures, night journey, and more. but I don’t understand what going to happen after marriage all the freedom is gone. I have to do things that the in-laws want. Is it Right?? if i don’t want to follow this society? And not live a manner what other wants. Is this mean that I am a characterless girl or not. I want to do whatever I want in life. if you agree with me please let me know.







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