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Inspection Made Easy



    Inspection Made Easy


    When you are out on a job site and encounter an unknown blockage or hard to diagnosis problem, it is time to reach for the proper digital inspection equipment to make your worries disappear quickly and easily. In the twenty first century, digital cameras have penetrated every facet of our lives and this is certainly true in the field of home repair and plumbing. But, before you hit the ‘Buy’ button, make sure that you have selected the right gear to get the results you want.

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    Digital inspection equipment mainly takes the form of pipe inspection cameras and their accessories. These devices work like any traditional camera but, much like doctors will use inside a patient’s body, they are attached by a cable that slips into hard to reach places while being minimally invasive. This equipment is not designed to act like a snake or other tool that does the work of fixing the repair, but what it does do is provide an accurate picture that can help you diagnose the problem at hand.

    Manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, not all digital inspection cameras are meant for the same kinds of pipes and plumbing. Choose a size that reflects the job you are undertaking. While smaller cameras can fit in tiny spots, they may lack the tensile strength to be run through large pipes. Keep in mind, too, that length matters as well. Would it not be a horrible waste to run a digital inspection camera only to find your cable is not long enough to reach the source of the problem? At the same time, there is no need to haul a massive rig just for small jobs. Sometimes space is limited and the sheer bulk of heavy equipment can slow down progress and efficiency, and cost you time and your client money.

    Modern digital inspection equipment also delivers new features that can make life even easier. Many cameras can now automatically level themselves or rotate their image, giving you a clear view no matter how the camera is oriented as it inevitably gets jostled around in the pipe. You can use the camera’s settings to get a clearer view and, with modern cameras, the screen resolution has improved so much that even tiny details are now visible. With digital equipment, you can even record the camera’s journey so that the video can be replayed by other members of your team. Now, those with more experience and knowledge can view the actual problem for themselves without having to rely on a less experienced eye to diagnose the problem. This function will work indoors or out and can be burned to DVD or sent to superiors over the Internet. With the ability to remotely send video, team members no longer need to even be present at the job site for them to be able to assess the problem at hand. In addition, camera cables are more durable than ever and monitoring systems are improved so that they are clearer, more user-friendly, and more portable.

    At Duracable, our mission is to assist you in finding exactly the right equipment for the job at hand. Whether it’s a camera, monitor system, or any other digital inspection equipment, our experts have years of experience in the field and are ready and able to get you to work in a way that will save you time and money. We carry the best and most diverse selection of equipment that can make any job you undertake hassle-free. Choose from all the major brands and manufacturers and visit us today to get started.

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