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JetSmarter: Easy Membership, Easy Jets





    JetSmarter: Easy Membership, Easy Jets



    With a host of services in their bag and celebrity support, JetSmarter has been dubbed the ‘Uber for private jets’ aptly. Private aviation companies have grown, thanks to their easy-availing services and the detestation of domestic flights. It has made flying charter more desirable. 

    JetSmarter was founded in 2012. The company relies on innovative ideas and customer-oriented packages. This startup is also considered a trendsetter of the premium jet-sharing circle. It’s also now known for brainstorming a new flight category, called social aviation.

    This new aviation bubble has adopted the practice of buying jets that have been underutilized and employing them to the best of their customer’s demands. Since there’s a handshake of private jets and hassle-free needs of celebrities and affluent flyers, JetSmarter has been deemed a success by the aviation world. It has also spawned competitors.  

    The JetSmarter app is the company’s North Star. With the app, you can bid the hectic regular flights goodbye, and choose a shared chartered flight or a private flight. A new opportunity has been spawned, even though it’s shredding the commercial aviation business piece by piece. Currently, JetSmarter offers four flight packages: Shared Charter, Charter Broking, Jet Deals, and Shared Shuttles.

    Customers can also avail a special membership that provides members with free shared flights, on the condition that they can only reserve two advance flights. This mechanism is facilitated through tokens on the app. Members receive two tokens to book flights.

    This happens through tokens on their app. Members are given two tokens to book flights. When the flight ends, flyers can refresh the app to free the two tokens so they can be used on the next flight. JetSmarter is akin to ‘all you can eat’ buffets with its ‘all you can fly’ policy. This has helped the company to attract even more customers.  

    Here are the tiers of membership a JetSmarter user can choose from:

    • Pay As You Go — It’s a trial membership available for anyone who downloads and register on the JetSmarter app. Every flight will be charged normally.
    • Simple — $5,000/year membership fee gets you the benefit of a few free jets.
    • Smart — $15,000/year membership fee offers better booking options and routing choices.

    One can estimate the fair between two airports on the website.  For example, a shared charter between Los Angeles and Seattle almost cost $8,000; compared to that, a private charter can peak to $15,000.

    The standard membership costs $15,000 for year one. The charges are lowered to $13,000 for the subsequent year. However, there are some charge-related exceptions, like in the flight between New York and London.

    JetSmarter has built a monument of comfort in the aviation sector. The concept of ‘Uber of private jets’ can strengthen private aviation, reduce flight costs, and increase competition that will push down the rickety aviation services.

    Furthermore, JetSmarter’s contributions are set to create a rattle in the minds of travel & aviation enthusiasts, and patrons to venture into the revolutionizing landscape of luxury aviation.










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