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Keep your Dog Free from Trouble this Tick Season



    Keep your Dog Free from Trouble this Tick Season


    Ticks can be nasty little buggers for your dog in some seasons more than others. If your dog loves playing out in the open, he is more likely to be infested with these nasty insects. When it comes to summer or spring, your pup is the most susceptible to these troublesome parasites.
    You obviously have no control over where your furry friend plays, especially when he’s at a dog boarding kennel. The only thing you can do is to make sure he isn’t a host to these creepers and remains free from the infectious and potentially fatal diseases that the critters can spread.

    • Take immediate action:
    If you notice any possible symptoms that direct towards a potential tick situation, get your pup some over the counter medication for an instant treatment before the situation gets worse. Make sure you seek a proper medical advice from your vet, before you do so.

    • Monthly updates:
    Monthly oral medications are available for dogs with a case of ticks or any other insects that might have infested your fur buddy. These medicines effectively kill the pesky critters, without much trouble.

    • Clean ups:
    Make sure you use medicated shampoos for your beloved pet. These shampoos have special ingredients that kill ticks with every successive wash. Coupled with proper medication, these shampoos go a long way in preventing the spread of ticks.

    • Tick collar:
    This medicated collar spreads a chemical throughout most of your dog’s fur and body, which acts as a repellent for ticks. Though the collar mostly works for your dog’s neck and face, it is a good remedy to keep your pup tick-free, especially is he’s at the dog boarding kennel and you aren’t there to keep an eye on him.

    • Powder remedies:
    Tick powders can also help your furry pet to stay tick free. Make sure that the powder is suitable for your doggy’s age and breed for a maximum result. When ticks are at their peak, make sure you dust your pup with the powder about once a week, for better results.

    • Sprays:
    Ticks sprays are another way of keeping your cute little bundle of joy away from those horrid parasites. Medicated sprays kills ticks instantaneously and also provide protection that lasts for quite some time.

    • Outdoor environment care:
    Make sure that the outdoor environment at your home is not conducive to ticks. Keep your lawns, bushes and shrubs trimmed, in order to curb the tick population from spreading. If there is an impending tick problem, use yard sprays or other chemicals to keep your yard free from the buggers.

    • Be on the lookout:
    Apart from trying to keep your dog indoors, especially during tick season, always stay alert about a possible tick situation by checking your dog at times.

    Ticks can be a severe problem not just for dogs, but also for humans. It is hence imperative to keep your pup away from these dreadful parasites, by keeping these steps in mind.

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