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Keepsakes from the Heart



    Keepsakes from the Heart


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D laser gift is a priceless piece of art that encapsulates a precious memory for eternity. Any picture can be framed, but that does not quite make the kind of impression that some heartfelt situations demand. Photos are perishable, easily misplaced, and, when lost, unfortunately take the entwined memories with them. Crystal Prints is an expert producer of laser engraved memorabilia used to commemorate anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, achievements, business landmarks, and so many more unforgettable occasions. These crystal gifts go above and beyond the traditional framed approach and express an even greater sense of gratitude that any recipient will be sure to appreciate. Go the extra mile to deliver a gift that makes a lasting impact on your loved ones and colleagues.

    Anniversary Gifts

    Crystal Prints prides itself on high-quality 3D Laser Gifts designed for a plethora of momentous occasions. One of the most common and heartfelt uses for this technology is a beautifully crafted pet memorial. There is no better way to immortalize man’s best friend than with a shimmering beacon to place on your mantle watching over you. Your pet’s dedication can stay with you forever as the detailed engraving depicts their every feature all the way down to the individual scratchy whiskers that used to brush against your cheek. It is an extremely simple process to create a memorable piece with such a lasting impact for the recipient. It starts with a basic photo. Our experts use advanced programs to enhance the quality of your image, remove the background, and remove any intrusive elements to maximize the clarity of the final image. You can accompany your engraved image with any kind of text you want. You can liven the image with an inspirational quote, a simple name and date, or even with song lyrics. We will take whatever you feel best captures the essence of your lost loved one and turn it into a reality.

    Another one-of-a-kind gift suitable for various occasions is an engraved crystal bottle stopper. These crystal bottle stoppers are a perfect addition to any house bar, and stylishly show off a favorite picture of your family member, or even a particular memory that illustrates your love for wine or champagne. You can even order these beautifully etched bottle stoppers as a perfect gift for your wedding guests, which will memorialize the memory of your wedding day for every attendee. These customizable bottle stoppers come in two variations: round and rectangular.

    No matter which 3D laser gift you go with, the entire process is customizable. You never have to be worried about receiving a product you aren’t satisfied with on every level. Not only do you control the image and text that will be engraved, but every category on the Crystal Prints website comes with choices for the shape and variety of the product you choose. You will have the option to encapsulate your image in a pendant to be worn as a keepsake or even a paperweight to accompany you through long days at the office. You can decide if you would rather have a heart shaped or round ornament adorned on your tree during the holiday season or maybe you want a lighted crystal for your keychain to take everywhere you go.

    With Crystal Prints, any order over $100 comes with free shipping and every order is guaranteed to be shipped within 48 hours of being placed. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we emphasize around the clock personalized customer service. If at any point you have a question about the process, reach out to us and you will be met with prompt and professional assistance. With Crystal Prints, you capture your memories in a vivid, high-quality keepsake that acts as a personal time machine that at any moment can transport someone back to feelings of pure, untainted happiness.

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