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KRG is a Brand You Can Trust





    KRG is a Brand You Can Trust

    When you’re looking for a Tikka T3 Tactical Stock, you’re going to come across a lot of options. The truth of the matter is that purchasing gun products online is a hassle, at the very least. There are plenty of disreputable sites that muddy the waters and make it hard for true gun enthusiasts to find quality items at fair prices. You certainly don’t want to end up with a faulty purchase, let alone a low quality one made with materials that won’t last. You also don’t want to be ripped off by some liar who doubles the price on simple items. It sure is confusing, that much is true. However, with Kinetic Research Group, you may have found your absolute solace, especially if you’re a shooter who prefers a rifle chassis to a traditional stock.

    There are plenty of reasons to shop at KRG, but the main one would be the people. The founding members of KRG have all been active military members as well, and they’ve been gun enthusiasts since they were children. This means that they’ve culminated quite the authority on the weaponry that they’ve used over the years, and if there’s anyone that you should trust to point you towards a quality gun accessory or rifle stock, it’s these guys. They sell these items because they love these items; they created them to improve their own shooting experience, as well as your own. At the end of the day, you want to purchase your products from those who care about them. Kinetic Research Group knows, loves, and is an authority on guns; you’re safe in their hands. You also know that you’ll be purchasing from a business that wants to give you a good deal and keep the shooting spirit alive in those that truly love the hobby.

    When thinking about a Tikka T3 Tactical Stock, there are three separate rifle chassis that you should keep your eye on. The first would be the Whiskey-3 Chassis, which is an excellent flagship chassis. Like all of the chassis systems that you’ll find on KRG, this is designed to be incredible ergonomic but is also surprisingly light. With the ability to adjust the cheek piece fore and aft, as well as the height, buttpad height, and length of pull, you’re looking at a rifle chassis that caters to just about any shooter’s build. With fixed and folding options available, this one is sure to improve your shooting experience.

    The Bravo Chassis is easily one of the most popular choices on KRG’s site, and that’s for plenty of reasons. First of all, its profile resembles that of a traditional stock, so for many who want to try out the feel of a rifle chassis, this is the perfect transition. Beyond that, you’re looking at another chassis with comfortable ergonomics and an incredibly lightweight build. The key difference is price; this is a supremely cheap rifle chassis and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal for better quality anywhere else online.

    If you’re looking for something in between the two, you should check out the X-Ray Chassis. This is their mid-level chassis and carries the same ergonomics as the Whiskey-3 but with fewer features. With an adjustable spacer stack system for length of pull, you still get the customization that people know and love from KRG. It also tips the scales at 3.1Lbs making it one of the lighter chassis on the market today.

    No matter what you choose, you’ll love your KRG product. While you’re on their site, check out all of the other products that they have to offer. These are gun products made by people who love shooting, people that you can trust. That’s why they’re an authority in the industry and sell some of the most coveted chassis designs out there! If you have any questions about a product or how to better your chassis usage in general, feel free to contact them with any questions. They’re just as good with customer service as they are dishing out fine shooting products to fine shooters everywhere!

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