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Landscape Design Sydney: Watering the Plants in Your Garden


    Landscape Design Sydney: Watering the Plants in Your Garden


    Have you decided to make a mini garden at home? It’s a great idea, and you’ll surely have fun. You can even get delicious results. Watering plants may seem easy, but it is not always so. Landscape design Sydney gives you a few rules for your garden.

    Rule # 1: Keep track of time

    Do you know that in winter, we are less thirsty than in summer? The same goes for plants. In summer, when it is hot and dry, they are thirstier, so they need more water, and in winter and other colder months, when the temperatures are lower, your plants need less water.

    If your plants are outside, you should also watch out for rain. If it rains a lot outside, additional watering is not necessary, as the plants have received the required amount of water.

    Rule # 2: Plant size is also significant

    Babies don’t need as much water as adults, so smaller plants don’t need as much water as larger ones. It means you need to adjust the amount of water according to the plant you are watering.

    Another critical factor is the size of the pot in which your plants grow. If it is larger, it can hold more moisture, but smaller pots have less space, so the plants in those pots will need to be watered twice a day.

    Rule # 3: Water the plants at the right time

    And when is the right time? Well, if you water the plants twice a day, it’s best to do it in the morning and evening, and the plants you water only once a day can be either in the morning or in the evening. Just do it always at the same time.

    Rule # 4: Use enough water, but not too much

    When watering, follow the holes in the bottom of the pot, as soon as the water starts to come out, then that’s enough.

    Why can too much water be dangerous? Mostly because too much moisture can cause root rot and plants can die. Always check the plants if they need water before watering. Touch the ground – if it is still wet, postpone watering for the next time.

    Rule # 5: Pay attention to dryness

    It is indeed essential to keep the plants moist, but it is also necessary to keep them dry. Your plants don’t need too much water, or you won’t have them for long. If you have a plate under the pot to collect excess water, empty it after each watering so that the soil is not too wet.

    The plants in your garden will be grateful if you follow these five rules for their proper watering. Feel free to contact landscape design Sydney for any questions.