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Let’s not make others depressed


    Let’s not make others depressed

    – by Rimjhim


    We all know what depression is, but we never try to help those who are suffering from it. I wanted to write this article because recently an Indian actor named, Sushant Singh Rajput (Age 34) killed himself because he was depressed. Everyone is stunned after this news, people are posting on social media about the grief they are feeling, about depression, and how everyone should help others and understand their feelings and circumstances. People are posting quotes on depression. But all this will happen for a couple of days or maybe weeks, after that no one will have this memory no one will think that such an incident has happened. We all just post it on social media we never try to change ourselves, because a person is being depressed it is because of us. Have we ever tried to help our friend whenever he says I’m feeling depressed, all we say is Ahhh! He’s always like this, a cry baby, too sensitive, can’t even handle little shitty situations.  Be it an actor, cricketer or any celebrity or even a normal person they get depressed because we never leave a chance to mock them, to criticize whatever they are doing. We don’t care if it is their personal life or professional life, we don’t understand that we have no right to interfere in their life. Have we ever thought twice to say anything about others until and unless that thing is not related to us? We never leave a chance to mock even our friends and in the last to cover it up all we say is “Come on, don’t overact, I was just kidding”. We never give it a thought, that we shouldn’t say this, as it can affect the other person in many ways. All we think is that it’s fine to mock our friends because why not what are real friends for. whatever we say to others intentionally or unintentionally can cause severe impact on other people for a lifetime.  

    For god’s sake stop mocking other people, try to listen to them whenever they share something with you, encourage them whenever a person says I’m feeling stressed, help him out if he has any kinda problem. Being a human being, we must help others and grow together. Pay attention to the people by whom you are surrounded, because a person may not be comfortable in sharing his condition with you, maybe he feels ashamed to say that he’s depressed because you maybe get this thought that he is silly and overreacting over a little thing, and mock him instead of helping. Try to make this special bond with others that they feel comfortable while sharing stuff with you. We all must focus especially on our family and friends when they are angry or sad or having a tough time, talk to them about it, try to calm them, by paying a little attention to others we can save many lives.



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