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Make up Trouble




    Make up Trouble


    -by tomiana



    This is a story from a common girl to all common girls who wish to use make up. Somehow it doesn’t always work the right way. For all you make up artist out there, feel free to laugh at our trouble.


    The very beginning and a lot of cotton pads

    I don’t know how you handle it. Every time I put make up on, I need more cotton pads and cotton sticks then make up accessorizes. I mean, starting foundation – you apply it and smear it and it looks good. But if you look at yourself at daily light… you notice that something went wrong, it is too dry (for example). And what you do, of course, you take it off (1 cotton pad) and you moisture your face again, and then you repeat the process.


    Step two

    Ok, next step. Eyeliner. Well, if applying eyeliner doesn’t deserve special place in CV as special skills than I don’t know what does. You start from your nose to the edges of the eye (expert advice), and in the half way it leads you up almost to your eyebrows (1 cotton stick to repair). Second try, you finally hold your hand steady and make a nice thin line, but end line curve goes wrong (1 cotton stick to repair). And because all good things come in three, third appliance goes successful (if you have a lucky day). As soon as you think you have handle it, second eye calls you for a duel. You repeat all steps, just like you did it on first eye, but somehow the line looks thicker/thinner, shorter/longer. And you do it again again and again (3 – 7 cotton pads or sticks). In the end, you either remove eyeliner from both of your eyes, or just stay confident and hope that it is in the end not such HUGE difference, and that no one will even notice.

    Don’t even start with eyeshadow. Because if you did good with eyeliner, dont try your luck any more with those things.

    But you can do mascara. At least thats easy. Of course, if you dont have too long, too short, too curly, or too straight lashes. And if you have your perfect match mascara that doesnt stick your lashes togeher.

    And of course. Its good to have cotton stick nearby cause you might wanna need to remove mascara from your eyelid or under eye circle, but still – do not touch eyeliner!!!

    Almost good to go, just a bit of lipstick and you are good to go. Dont tell me you also like red? I do. Red, purple, grey. You know, just those who dont let you do mistakes. Few cotton pads recomended and a bit of foundation will do to fix those dark shadows around your lips.

    So, a bit of trouble for a simple daily make up.


    Expert level

    Evening make up, and all those contouring and other science fiction stuff are not even a subject for a woman like me.

    Well at least I have perfected nail polishing, we cant be good in all things, cant we.

    At least you know you are not alone, there are women like you and me, struggling to manage all this beauty stuff.









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