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Mantra Meditation And Its Benefits





    Mantra Meditation And Its Benefits


    Meditation can be taken up in several forms. Some people do meditation in a quiet place, paying attention to the internal sounds or inner voice while there are others who like to chant “mantras” during meditation. The aim of both the types of meditation is similar only the path is different here.

    Let us understand the correlation in between Meditation and Mantra and the benefits associated with this kind of meditation.

    The word Mantra is a Sanskrit word that illustrates projections and vibrations. Mantra Meditation is aimed at bringing calmness and stability to the thoughts in mind. These words have to be pronounced in a certain way that generates some vibrations leading to the awakening of powers of our mind. Our mind tends to become alert and the sub-consciousness gets awakened.

    This is how the meditation and mantra work together when a practitioner takes up mantra meditation. Now let us understand its benefits:

    – It is a popular form of meditation from ancient Hindu culture. One can easily learn to speak mantras which are simple and powerful. Even those who do not know much about the language (Hindi or Sanskrit) can understand and learn to chant the mantras in very effective way despite their age, gender or demographic differences.

    – It does not require much training or set-up to practice mantra meditation. One can practice this form of meditation at their home as well as any open spaces where they get to sit peacefully for some period of time.

    – Meditation and Mantra have amazing effects on one’s state of mind. Meditation with mantras prepares one to fight with anxiety and breathing related diseases. People have experienced control in their stress, restlessness, blood pressure problems and other mental issues. It helps one in attaining clarity of mind and segregating life in organized compartments. Especially those people who have difficulties in managing the perfect balance between work and family should practice this meditation regularly.

    – One develops more faith in self abilities and thoughts. If you know someone who is suffering with the problem of low self esteem or low confidence, should suggest this type of meditation to that person. Understanding one’s own pattern of thoughts and controlling your mind is half the battle won of all the problems in the world.

    – You maintain a better social circle with like minded people around. You can influence people with your experiences and help them in coming out of their situations through meditation. Meditation and Mantra help in building up rationale approach towards situations and people. It ensures more harmony and understanding in personal relationships as well.

    – With your sub conscious self awakened for more period of time than earlier, you start enjoying the life in present and stop worrying about the future. You can see the things and admire their beauty and presence in your life.

    – One learns to have a control on the negative thoughts and behaviour such as jealous, hatered, anger and pride. With gradual practice you can suppress these feelings with your rationale approach and their insignificance in your life.

    Mantra meditation has to be done by owning one mantra that you can easily understand and speak while trying to concentrate on the sound. With practice and efforts you will be able to conjugate the meaning and words in your consciousness.