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Mastering Tennis



    Mastering Tennis




    Tennis is a very popular game and it is played by many different types of people from all over the world. Tennis is played by young people, older people, and those that are in between. People of different skill levels enjoy the sport and there are people who actually make a lot of money from playing tennis professionally.

    Tennis is a great way of having fun when you have some extra time on your hands. It can also be a great form of exercise. This probably contributes to why tennis is so popular. It is a very fun game that can also help you to stay in shape.

    Another great thing about tennis is the fact that it can be played either in or out doors. This can come in handy when there are days that you would like to play but the weather is poor outside. This offers tennis players the opportunity to have a great time playing tennis anytime.

    There are rules that should be followed when you play tennis in order to make sure that the game is played fairly and correctly. There is also some gear that you are going to need to get if you want to get in to the sport.

    Luckily, there will not really be all that much that you have to purchase.

    Tennis can be quite challenging. There is much more to playing the game than just simply swinging a racquet at a tennis ball. There are different types of spins and different types of swings that can be used. 

    The following chapters of this book will go over the basics of tennis and will provide you with some helpful tips that should improve your tennis game.



    Chapter 1:

    What is so interesting about Tennis?



    Tennis is quite a fun sport and is really quite interesting for many different reasons. Tennis can be played as a recreational activity or can be used as a form of exercise. There are also professional tennis players that make a large amount of money while playing a sport that they love.

    You can play tennis against one other person or you can choose to play doubles. When playing doubles, most of the same rules apply. The only difference really is the fact that you will have a teammate instead of playing by yourself. Playing doubles is very exciting and can make the game twice as much fun.

    Playing tennis is also a great social outlet. Playing this game will give you multiple opportunities to meet new people. This is true especially when you are using public tennis courts. These public courts will often have more than one court and this will give you the chance to make new friends and worthy tennis opponents.

    Another benefit of tennis is the fact that it can be used as a form of physical therapy. The motion of your swing and the fact that you have to move around the court can be very beneficial for the body.

    The following chapter will go over the basics of tennis and will also give you some examples of why the game of tennis is so interesting.


    Why Choose Tennis?


    The invention of the game tennis dates quite a far time back. It was actually created in 1873 by an Englishmen who was named Major Walter C. Wingfield. The game was called lawn tennis and was played on a court that was a different shape than what you see now. The courts were more of an hourglass shape and were widest towards the base line and became narrower near the net.

    The reason that this game is still played today after all of these years is probably due to the fact that tennis is a very fun and interesting sport. There are many different things that make tennis interesting and worth playing. The following are some examples of what makes tennis so interesting and what separates it from other sports.

     Limited Players

    One of the things that makes tennis interesting and separates it from other sports is the fact that the game is played with a maximum of four players at any given time. As mentioned earlier, you can either play one on one or you can play doubles with a teammate. This will prevent you from becoming lost in the crowd that some other types of sports require in order to play. A smaller team will ensure that you will be able to participate in the sport much more.


     Tennis is Formal

    If you are a person who likes to dress nicely and act in an appropriate manner and like to be surrounded by the same type of people, tennis is perfect for you. If you have ever watched a game of tennis on TV, you have probably noticed that the players as well as everyone else there is dressed very nicely and acts in a very proper manner. In other words, you do not have to deal with the screaming and drinking fans that flood the stands in other types of sports such as football.



     Health Benefits

    Another thing that makes tennis so interesting is the fact that the game offers many health benefits and it can actually be used as a very effective means of exercise. You burn a lot of calories while you are playing tennis. This is due to the fact that you are always in motion and you run around quite a bit. You can basically get the same amount of exercise that you can get from using a treadmill, it just will not be boring. Also, as mentioned before, tennis can be used as a form of physical therapy. Games that are used for purposed such as physical therapy will of course be played at a slower pace and will not really be competitive, but it will still be fun.


     Core Strength

     Playing tennis is probably one of the best ways that there is to build core strength. If you ever take the time to look you will notice that tennis players always have flat stomachs and are very in shape. This is due to the fact that it actually takes a lot of strength from all parts of your body in order to play. Many people have the misconception that playing tennis is easy and will not help them get in shape. This is not the case, tennis is a very demanding sport and it can help you get yourself into shape quite quickly.


     Social Sport

    Another interesting thing about tennis is the fact that it can offer people an opportunity to conduct important events such as business meetings in a fun and interesting way. Constantly having meetings with a business partner in your office or at a coffee shop can become quite boring after a while. Try mixing things up a bit and arrange to meet at a tennis course for your next business meeting.

    There are many different things that make tennis an extremely fun and interesting sport. No matter who you are or what type of person you are, you will surely find something about tennis that catches your interest. Give the game a try, I can almost guarantee that you will be hooked after your first match.





    Chapter 2:

    Things You Need to Know about the Court



    There are a lot of different elements and facts to know about tennis courts. Although the new tennis fan may not be able to tell the difference between the courts, the more popularly played surfaces, would include the clay court, the normal looking court and the grass courts.

    It is important that you know the difference in these types of courts because they will have an impact on how you need to play. Some surfaces are slicker than others and some will allow you to use more spins on your swings. It is important that you practice on all types of tennis courts and become familiar with how to play on each type. 

    One of the things that makes professional tennis players so good at the sport is the fact that they know how to use different types of courts to their advantages. The following chapter will go over the basics when it comes to tennis courts and will provide you with some important information pertaining to tennis courts.






    All about Tennis Courts


    If you are new to tennis and are not familiar with tennis courts it would probably be a good idea for you to learn a little bit about them before trying to just jump straight into a game. Different types of courts will require you to play differently. The following are some examples of important information to keep in mind about tennis courts.

    Court sizes, coating surfaces, court materials, fence material and building material usually follow the guidelines laid out by the American Sports Builders Association.

    Asphalt base courts feature a type of surface that has a compacted stone base, with proper drainage incorporated. This is an important element that will promote the longevity of the court’s surface. The amount of stone and asphalt used is variable and usually depends on the individual’s requirements at the site. 

    On an asphalt overlay court there is usually a measurement of two inches of asphalt placed over the existing court surface after a layer of paving fabric has been laid, as this will help to bridge the old and new surfaces.

    When in the process of building a tennis court, the weather conditions play an important role, thus there is a need to be sure the court is built during favorable weather conditions. Failing to observe this very important condition may create future problems, when the court’s surface becomes problematic. 

    The painting and leveling processes also require a lot of attention, as this contributes directly to the playing aspect of the game. If the wrong quality of paint is used, the reflection and distorted impression of the surface that is perceived by the naked eye can be very disconcerting for the players using the court. Most players are very sensitive to any off balance in the surface of the court, which will also usually cost them when they are unable to get comfortable enough to play a good game.









    Chapter 3:

    How to Choose the Right Racquet



    Buying a tennis racquet can be a rather confusing exercise, mainly due to the vast variety available in the market today. This is even more difficult, when there is no advice forthcoming in the form of a personal coach or a more experienced player. However all is not lost, as by following are few guidelines almost anyone will be able to make a more informed purchase.

    It is extremely important that you have some knowledge about the different types of racquets before you go out and make a purchase. The reason for this is the fact that some tennis racquets can be very expensive. The last thing you want to do is waste your money and purchase a tennis racquet that you do not like.

    The following chapter will go over some basic information that you should keep in mind when shopping around for a tennis racquet. 





    Choose the Right Racquet


    It is important that you are aware of the fact that there are many different types of racquets on the market and each one is built to be played with a certain way and for a certain type of person. You need to be aware of a few things before you decide to purchase a tennis racquet to make sure that you are making a wise purchase.

    Buying a tennis racquet can be a rather confusing exercise, mainly due to the vast variety available in the market today. This is even more difficult, when there is no advice forthcoming in the form of a personal coach or a more experienced player. However all is not lost, as by following are few guidelines almost anyone will be able to make a more informed purchase.

    The following are a few tips on how to purchase a suitable and comfortable tennis racquet to suit an individual’s needs:

    Seniors and females should ideally focus on purchasing a racquet that can provide added power as these categories of people usually have slower and less powerful contact swings. Therefore, getting a racquet that is light weight and perhaps has a slightly oversized head is better than using one that is longer and head heavy. 

    The intermediate player who is a little more skilled at the game may require a little less power form the racquet, thus needing one that has enhanced maneuverability. Here the ideal racquet should have a midplus head with a more extended length. As for the more advanced to high level players, the racquets should ideally be heavier in weight and have smaller and more balanced heads, thinner beams and better control.

    The general rule of thumb would be the heavier the racquet, the more power and stability it will be able to generate. This will also help to lessen the transmission of shock when in contact with the ball. As for the lighter version of the tennis racquet, it may be easier to swing and maneuver, however may not give the player the added power to create any forceful play action. 

    The grip of the racquet should also be one that allows the player to be both comfortable and in control of the general direction the ball flight takes. If the grips are unsuitable, these can be changed at the request of the player.

    One thing that you want to consider doing is trying many different types of racquets before you actually make a purchase on one. As stated before, there are many different types of racquets on the market. The best way to find the racquet that is best for you would be to try it before you buy it and find one that is comfortable in your hands and fits your budgets.

    Do not be one of the people who assume that the most expensive racquet is the best racquet. While it may be true that the more expensive racquets will often times be better than the cheaper ones, you can still find tennis racquets at a reasonable price that will still be very beneficial for your tennis game.






    Chapter 4:

    Familiarize Yourself with Tennis Rules



    As in any game played, tennis also has a set of rules that are usually universally followed whenever a game is played. Although, there may be some allowances and leeways given, in general the rules are in place to govern over and ensure a fair and enjoyable game scenario.

    Before you go out and try and play a game of tennis it is very important that you are familiar with most of the basic rules. You want to be able to play the game correctly so that you may enjoy it to the full potential and at the same time you do not want to look like a complete beginner in front of other tennis players.

    The following chapter will go over some of the basic rules that are used for playing tennis.






    Know the Rules


    The following are some of the more basic rules that each tennis player should be aware of and observe diligently.

    Standing on opposite sides of the court and literally in a cross section format, the player who starts the ball delivery motion would be called the server, while the player who receives the ball will be called the receiver. 

    The starting positions, receiving and serving options are decided at the toss of a coin, before the very onset of the game. The game should only commence when both players have signaled their readiness to start game play. The server should be standing behind the baseline on the deuce court but within the boundaries of the single court when playing a single match, and within the doubles sideline when playing a doubles game.

    The server can start the serving motion from anywhere, but the ball must bounce in the service box within the flight it takes. If the ball does not land in the service box, it is deemed a fault and a second serve is called for. 

    The scoring is done in a clock wise fashion whereby the first call would be Love which means zero; the second point would be called at 30 and the third at 45. The game is won when the score goes back to Love. If the score is 40 – 40 which is called a deuce, then one side has the opportunity to win by two points.

    Advantage in means the server has the advantage to win and the Advantage out means the receiver has the advantage to win.

    There are of course many more rules that are involved in a game of tennis. The previous were just some examples of the basic rules that you will need to be aware of in order to play the game correctly. You can do your own research on tennis rules and review official tennis rule books online or from your local library.








    Chapter 5:

    Learning the Basic Strokes



    Many people make the mistake of thinking tennis is a sport that does not require a great deal of skill or talent. They think that tennis players simply swing a racquet at a ball over and over and believe that is all there is to the game. These people are wrong and if they ever played a game of tennis their self they would surely have a much different opinion of the game.

    Tennis is not just a matter of hitting a ball with a racquet. There are quite a few specific styles or strokes that should be understood and mastered in order to be able to play the game well.

    The following chapter will go over the basics of learning different types of strokes and will give you some helpful pointers that will surely improve your stroke.







    Master Your Stroke


    The following is a general breakdown of the various different stroke styles that are more commonly used during a regular tennis game:

     Forehand Ground stroke – one of the more common strokes

    used, this is where the ball is hit to be returned after it has bounced off the surface of the other side of the court. It is usually hit around the baseline and with a topspin, but the shot can also be hit is a flat shot or slice shot style. This stroke is usually made from the same side of the body that is holding the racquet.


     Backhand Ground Stroke – this stroke is almost completely similar in playing style as with the forehand ground stroke, with one notable difference, which is, it is done on the side of the body opposite from the racquet holding hand. 


     Forehand Volley – here the ball is hit to be returned before it comes in contact with the opposite side surface and is usually executed when the player is closer to the net area. This effectively minimizes the time the opponent has to tackle a successful return stroke. However, this can be a rather dangerous risk to take as the player may not be able to counter and successful return stroke effectively. This stroke is done on the side of the body of the hand that is holding the racquet.



     Backhand Volley – this stroke uses the same execution style as the forehand volley with the notable difference of the ball is played in the return stroke from the side of the body opposite to the racquet holding hand.

    There are many more elements that you will have to master in order to have the perfect tennis stroke. Practice will make perfect so the more you play the better you will get. 





    Chapter 6:

    The Importance of Grips



    The type of grip that you choose to place on your racquet will have an impact on your game, whether it be a positive impact of a negative impact. Grips are very important and have a lot of effect on a person’s tennis strokes. There are many different types of grips and each of them feature different types of textures and come in different sizes and thickness.

    Choosing the right grips for you may seem like a complicated process but it really is not that hard at all, especially when you have some hints to help you along your way.

    The following chapter will go over the basics of choosing the right grip for you and will provide you with some helpful hints that you should let serve as your guidelines when shopping for new grips.




    Grips that are A Good Fit


    The general rule of thumb to go by would be to find a grip that is most suitable for the individual as it is not a one size fit all kind of concept. The grip will not only determine the quality of play that the player eventually displays but can also affect the body conditions negatively.

    Basically it would be better to start with a smaller grip size and then make adjustments until the grip size is both comfortable and safe for the user. If the grip used is unsuitable, there will be some twisting of the hand to execute the stoke each time it is executed, thus contributing to the possibility of getting tennis elbow syndrome. This is a rather painful condition and almost always requires the attention of a medical professional.

    The ideal grip size is usually found anywhere between the standard measurements of 4” to 4 and 5/8” and are at about 1/8” in intervals. The grip is often calculated by referring to the circumference of the grip the individual makes when holding the racquet. In order to get an estimation of the most appropriate grip size, a ruler should be placed at the bottom of the horizontal crease in the palm of the hand that is going to be holding the racquet. The measurement is taken from this point to the tip of the ring finger. This will indicate the ideal grip size for the individual. However if there is a need, and additional over grip can the added on which is about 1/16” in size to make the grip feel more comfortable.

    Another method for measuring the grip would be to observe the amount of space between the fleshy part of the pal, and fingertips. Being able to “plug” this gap with the index finger of the other hand comfortably without any looseness or tightness (that doesn’t allow the finger in), would then give the player a good idea of the suitability of the grip chosen. 

    Finding grips that are right for you will probably involve you using many different types of grips until you find the ones that are the most comfortable and work the best for you. 






    Chapter 7:

    Working on the Perfect Swing



    There are a few set motions to follow in order to be able to execute the perfect tennis swing. By following these motions as closely as possible an individual will be able to master their swing well enough to break the opponent’s percentage of ball possession, thus improving the chances of scoring points.

    You may not be aware of what these motions are or how to perform them. If this is the case do not worry. The following chapter will go over the basics of these motions and will provide you with some tips that will surely help you to master your swing.





    Perfecting Your Swing

    The following are some tips on how to go about perfecting your tennis swing:Getting ready to receive and return the hit will require the player to keep the racquet in a back position all the time. Once the ball is hit by the opponent, the player should immediately react and move to a position that would be ideal to receive and return the ball with a quick and fluid motion.

    While establishing the balance in the stance, the player should be aware of allowing the stoke to be played with the non-dominant hand while keeping the racquet pointed away from the intended target at a waist high position. Maintaining enough space between the body and the ball when in the final position to return the shot is important. Always ensuring the ball is hit from a waist high stroke will help to keep the balance and the return stroke accurately placed.

    Making contact with ball when the racquet head is positioned at the same height as the hand is important and this should be done while remembering not to bend or straighten the arm. Moving the wrists to accommodate the stroke is also not encouraged as it will change the direction of the contact on the return stroke. Instead the player should be accustomed to rotating the shoulder while keeping an eye on the ball at all times to calculate the ideal return stroke.

    Perhaps the best thing that you can do to master your swing is practice. Even the professionals have to practice from time to time to ensure that their game is at its best. You will likely not master your tennis swing overnight, it might actually take quite a long time. Some professionals will even admit that they are still improving their tennis swing.




    Chapter 8:

    Practicing the Right Spin



    Being able to execute varied strokes effectively and efficiently will allow the player to serve better and  be capable of more competitive strokes and will present much more of a challenge to their opponent. This will also create opportunities for the player to score points and win the game easily.

    One type of stroke that is important to master is the spin. Spins can be quite tricky to master, but once you are able to execute them you will almost immediately notice an improvement in your tennis game. Spins can be hard to master but they are even harder to return effectively.

    The following chapter will go over spins and will give you some tips that should help you master them in no time.




    Master Your Spins


    The two main spin techniques would be the topspin and the backspin and being able to execute either one of these with a suitable force, will create ideal circumstances for the possibility of the opponent not being able to take and return the stroke successfully. 

    A top spin shot is shown when the ball is hit by sliding the racquet up and over the ball as it is being hit. The friction between the racquet’s strings and the ball will cause enough momentum to make the ball spin forward towards the opponent. This kind of shot will bounce at a lower angle to the ground as the shot dips down after impact. The natural friction caused by the bounce angle will create the topspin as the ball moves towards the opponent’s side of the court.

    The backspin shot is executed in an almost opposite manner, where the sliding of the racquet under the ball is positioned just before the return contact is made. Requiring only half the racquet head speed it will cause the ball to generate the ideal backspin or slice that is needed for the return stroke. In this instance, the player is not required to change the direction of the already spinning ball. If the oncoming ball is already in a topspin motion the the returning stroke will effectively create the slice shot as the rotation is maintained through the stroke. The direction of the shot can be changed but the ball will continue to spin from top to bottom as it moves away from the player towards the opponent’s side of the court.



    Wrapping Up


    I am almost certain that all of the information that has been provided for you in this book has got you seriously interested in tennis. If you make sure to implement the techniques and tips that you have learned you will surely be playing tennis like a pro in little to no time at all.

    One of the biggest and most important things to remember is the fact that practice makes perfect when it comes to anything in life, this is especially true when it comes to playing sports such as tennis. If you are interested in taking up a sport that is challenging and can be played by all types of people, tennis is probably your best option. The important thing is that you have fun and that you always challenge yourself. 

    Get off the couch and go play a few rounds of tennis. You will surely have fun and you will get some great exercise in the process. Instead of hitting the gym later on you may want to consider just playing some tennis. Get rid of your boring workout routine and start exercising while having fun playing tennis.

    Whether you are looking for something to kill spare time or would like to get into a competitive sport, tennis is just what you are looking for. 



    I hope that this book has been helpful for you and I hope it helps you to become a better tennis player. Remember, practice makes perfect so practice as much as you can. Always keep in mind that even the professionals have to practice and they will even tell you that they are still learning. I thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck. Get out there and play some tennis!









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