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    “Pure mathematics is, in it’ s way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
    -Albert Einstein

    Mathematics is not just a bunch of numbers but a methodical application of matter. Sometimes we use it even without knowing that we are, our brain just crunches the numbers unconsciously and helps us solve our day-to-day problems. It makes our life organized and prevents a disaster. It helps us to reason things and it even improves our abstract or spatial thinking.

    It is where everything originates from and without mathematics we would all still be stuck in the stone age. Right from a cook or a farmer to a big shot business man, everyone uses mathematics to carry out their daily activity like how fast to run towards the closing elevator in order to be able to catch it or what price to put on a product in order to make a good profit, everyone uses mathematics.

    There are a lot of people who despise mathematics only because they cannot score a good rank on paper but what they don’t know is without mathematics they’d be completely lost in the world. It is a beautiful subject and it is next to impossible to find a subject which you can apply everywhere. People tend to judge this subject based on topics such as Derivates or Integration and many more, today’s generation would skip such chapters if they were given the choice to, but I feel it is necessary to have knowledge of such topics as these are the topics which help us become successful in life. But it isn’t right that these topics are introduced to everyone in form of a few sums which are solved in a particular way only by a particular formulae, if it were introduced to people in the various ways they can be applied and used in our daily lives and if it were explained in a more practical manner then I think many more people would like to pursue this subject.

    21st century is all about new innovations and ideas and believe it or not, everything, literally everything, in today’s world requires a mathematical approach. If you are well versed with your mathematics then you know for sure that with a brilliant new idea or innovation you are bound to be successful.