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Max Out Your RV Expedition With Surge Protection





    Max Out Your RV Expedition With Surge Protection


    Fire up your engines and hitch up your trailers, folks, because once again it’s camping season in the USA! That’s right, soon it’ll be time to pack up your gear and find a nice spot in the great outdoors to set up camp and enjoy nature in all its glory. Of course, while we all agree nature is wonderful, even a seasoned outdoorsmen will tell you there’s a limit to its charms – and therein lies the beauty of the RV, a vehicle that provides some of the comfort and amenities you have back in civilization, even in the middle of the woods. Having the option of charging up your phone or taking a hot shower every now and then can be the difference between going on a relaxing vacation and struggling an arduous chore of a weekend. And there is one item that many RV owners often overlook which can be the reason behind that difference – I’m talking, of course, about the importance of a Surge Protector For Rv.

    It doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? Recreational vehicles aren’t even hooked up to a power grid much of the time, so what’s the point of a surge protector? Well, you may be surprised to find out that the electrical systems of many RVs are much more vulnerable to damage than those in a home or other building, and as such should be protected against power surges and other types of electrical malfunctions. At RVupgrades, we have one of the widest selections of surge protectors and electrical management systems you’ll find on the net, meaning we’re bound to have something that’s the perfect fit for protecting your RV.

    For a simple, reliable surge protector that will shield your electrical systems without breaking the bank, many of our customers have gone with the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL 50 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector. Boasting a plentiful 45,000 amps/1650 joules of surge protection, this model is compact, sleek, and built tough for extended outdoor duty. It features a bright, easy to read display that provides more information than one might expect – having the capability to indicate an open ground, a lost or open neutral, and reverse polarity in addition to surges, this is a smarter than average device that handles all the basic functions a surge protector for RVs should. For those that have a more elaborate setup, or who regularly hook up to a grid, it may be worthwhile to make use of a more full-featured electrical management system, or EMS, for your RV.

    The Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C Hardwire 50 Amp RV Surge Protector is a fantastic option, and one of the best-selling models on our online store. Offering a full 88,000 amps/3,580 joules of surge protection and featuring a remote display that tracks electrical output and alerts the user to errors, this EMS really does it all. It has built-in protections for every scenario imaginable: fluctuations of frequency and voltage, open grounds, polarity reversal, and accidental 240v! This surge protector even has an optional delay for when your A/C kicks in! With more features than can be listed here, suffice it to say that with this little box between your RV and your power source, you’ll never have to worry about anything electrical of yours shorting out or blowing up again.

    And with that peace of mind, your summer excursion just got that much better. In the world of campers and RVs there are already enough little things to worry about on your journeys – do yourself a favor, grab a bulletproof surge protector for RVs from RVupgrades, plug that bad boy in, and set your mind at ease.

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