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Michael Malcolm Walker-Top 10 Success Rules Which Helps You Built A successful Life



    Michael Malcolm Walker-Top 10 Success Rules Which Helps You Built A successful Life


    This guide from  Michael Malcolm Walker who is a Trade and investment manager At Sydney, Australia and as well as a great author who wrote many books about success and business. So here are 10 top success rules.

    1. Believe in yourself

    how many times you heard this buzzword people are instantly saying believe in yourself believe in yourself but that is easy to believe in yourself What is believed? Believe is something when you have a confident whatever you are doing you can make it. I’ll give you example suppose in an emergency room operation is going on, two doctors stand there and one doctor who is doing the operation for last 10 years but the second one who is a new joiner. tell me who is more confident about both of them obviously the first one who is a 10 years experience because he is doing constantly the same thing for the last 10 years. So they believe in depends on your practice and experience it’s not something you read a book or watch a motivational video.It will give you believe no it’s temporary and it will not work for the long race. Try to gain skill whatever skill require to achieve your goal do practice hard and hard which gives you immense confidence which will not be a fake it will always keep in your heart.

    2.Work on a daily basis

    I saw lot’s of people who want to achieve everything but they don’t want to work on it. What do you think about a success? you will do one-day coding and you became a world’s best coder or you will run one day and you became the best Runner. No, it can’t be true and it will never happen you have to work hard every day to achieve your goal. One thing which I want to confess there’s no shortcut to success you have to work hard. see any people in the world who achieved the success they didn’t achieve success in a single day but if you constantly work on it you will achieve one day.NOt immediately but definitely.

    3. There’s no place for your excuses

    We as a human being has a one habit giving excuses ask anyone who didn’t achieve his goal in the world. They have lot’s of excuses like my family didn’t support me, my family condition is not better, I haven’t money, I haven’t parented, I don’t have age right no or else I am aged now. What excuses you will give one more important thing which we have to keep in our mind we never give excuses to others, we give excuses yourself and seriously one here is listen to your excuses. people here to see a result not your excuses So whatever stage you are right now just stop giving excuses work on the level which is the best way to deal with excuses.


    You can’t deny this disease which we all have and we can’t say we don’t have because it’s a human nature to procrastinate everything. But if you will see those people who achieved anything in this world they broke this disease and recently a research shows 80% of people who can’t achieve anything in the world the reason behind is procrastination. Today I am Michael Malcolm Walker saying to you if you want to achieve anything make sure you have to break this thing. Take everyday little which helps you to lead your path.

    5. You have to go out of the box

    Yes!you heard right if you want to achieve anything so you have to go out of the box. As a human, we have a very bad habit we can believe or follow without thinking or using our brain. We have to find our own ways which lead your path if you see any people in the world who did anything he went out of a box. He didn’t follow the same rule which society made he made his own paths.

    6. Madness is needed 

    if you see that person who did amazing work on their field. They did by their madness who always be crazy with their ideas and work So don’t become serious make your self-be funny which helps you to make a great thing.

    7. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

    who does a mistake? only those who try something and those people who don’t try they can’t do any mistake. Since childhood, our parents and this society told us don’t do a mistake and don’t do such a thing. If you will do the mistake that means you are a bad person but I think whatever I am today the reason of my mistakes which always drives me a leading path mistake is a proof we are trying. But if you don’t learn anything from your mistakes is it definitely madness whatever mistake you will do just learn why you failed what thing you need to make success and just go on work on that thing which you learned from your mistakes.

    8.Dream big

    we all have a dream someone is a big dream or someone has a small. But what I want to recommend you think big or dream big it doesn’t matter who you are ? and where you belong. You belong to a lower middle class or poor class it really doesn’t matter, the matter is only one thing which is your dream and your thought process. Make sure work on it a great thought can create anything or same the worst thought devastated your whole life.

    9.choices makes you

    do you think what makes a human being great is it your choices. Everyone has a different choices someone has a choice to become a lawyer, entrepreneur, doctor, actor, etc etc. So there is the only difference in choices and after that, you have to work on it. Make sure to make a great choice which helps you to lead a successful path.

    10. Everything is possible

    whatever your goal and dream are I can say everything possible here. But you need consistently work on it make you’re a success for yourself . whatever dream you have someone has already achieved this thing if they can do you also can do say yourself I can make it not immediately but definitely.