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Milesweb Review – 9 Pros and 2 Cons You Should Know

    Milesweb Server Review

    Milesweb is a phenomenon in the hosting ecosystem. If you want a hosting provider who will give you the best hardware and support in the cheapest price, then I will recommend that you go for Milesweb! In the next following sections, we will more closely examine why Milesweb is one of the greatest hosting provider and not only that, we will also tell you the pros and cons of Milesweb as well.

    It is worth mentioning that InnerToWords used the Milesweb web server for a long time for its other sites. It was love at first sight! Why? Just read the features below and you will know.


    The biggest advantage of Milesweb is its lowest cost. They give world-class servers at the cheapest rate! They can offer you competitive pricing of USD 0.90 per month. Unbelievable, is not it? Take a look at the below image and can click on it to directly go to their site.

    Let us take a deeper look at Milesweb pricing.

    Unlimited Shared Web Hosting Plans


    tyro milesweb usd
    Milesweb Tyro Plan

    Tyro plan is the cheapest plan of Milesweb. It is for shared server hosting. Currently, it is USD 0.60 per month for a 3 years plan. The best and the decisive feature is that if you now buy it, then you will renew the same at the same cost! They also offer one year and two-year plans as well and the offer is valid for any time range.


    Did you know?

    For Milesweb Tyro, Swift and Turbo plan you save 80% and renew at the same cost as you bought! This is a decisive advantage of Milesweb over the other hosting providers.


    Milesweb Swift Plan

    Milesweb Swift plan will charge only USD 2 per month while purchasing a 3-year hosting plan. It will also renew at the same cost you purchase. We will discuss the hosting configurations later.


    Milesweb Turbo Plan

    The Turbo plan is claimed to be the most popular plan of Milesweb. For a small charge of USD 2.60 per month, you can grab this hosting for 3 years. Read below for other types of hosting plans available at Milesweb.

    Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans

    Reseller hosting is for hosting resellers. If you want to start your own reseller business, then buy the cheapest but very high-end hosting and start your business. Sell them easily to multiple customers and you will start earning a return of multifold against the little investment you have made.

    Milesweb Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans


    Bronze comes with a USD 4.20 per month plan with 3 years’ rent. You can renew at the same 61% off the price after 3 years. It includes 1 year, 2 years,s and a monthly plan as well.


    The silver plan is the most popular plan. In a 3 years plan, you have to pay only at the rate of USD 8 per month. You will renew the plan at the same rate as you bought it.


    It gives you a 50% savings at the USD 13 per month on a 3 years plan. Will renew at the same cost.


    The platinum plan gives you the most sophisticated benefits which will discuss in a later section. It saves you 50% on a 3 years plan and costs USD 16 per month only.

    Cloud VPS Hosting

    Milesweb VPS
    Milesweb VPS

    Cloud VPS hosting also comes with discounts and very low prices BUT VPS servers are not as cheap as shared hosting. This comes with 6 different versions. All the hosting types you buy will renew at the same cost! The minimum cost is V1 VPS hosting which will cost you USD 9 per month for a one-year plan. The best VPS will cost you USD 86 per month for a one-year plan.

    Milesweb offers the cheapest server hosting plan.


    Extreme low cost

    Our take:

    Milesweb hosting packages are the cheapest and always recommended.

    Hardware Configuration

    Shared Hosting (Tyro, Swift, Turbo)

    CPU Core 1.534
    RAM 2 GB3 GB5 GB
    SSD Disk Space1 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
    Concurrent connections (EP) 50100200
    Number of processes (nPROC) 100200400
    IO Limit 1 MBPS1 MBPS5 MBPS
    Email Accounts10UnlimitedUnlimited
    File (Inode) Limit UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Milesweb shared server hardware configuration

    The above hardware configuration is extremely high-end in nature, compared to the cost associated with it.
    This site, InnerToWords, can safely and perfectly run without any hiccup in Swift hosting!

    VPS server hardware configuration

    PlanHardware Profile
    V12 vCPU
    2 GB RAM
    50 GB SSD Disk
    500 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    V22 vCPU
    4 GB RAM
    100 GB SSD Disk
    500 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    V34 vCPU
    8 GB RAM
    150 GB SSD Disk
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    V46 vCPU
    12 GB RAM
    200 GB SSD Disk
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    V58 vCPU
    16 GB RAM
    250 GB SSD Disk
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    V612 vCPU
    24 GB RAM
    300 GB SSD Disk
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificate 
    Dedicated IP
    VPS hosting plans of Milesweb

    Hardware configuration of Reseller Hosting Plans

    CPU Core 1111
    Concurrent connections (EP) 30303030
    Number of processes (nPROC) 50505050
    File (Inode) Limit UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    SSD Disk Space20 GB50 GB100 GB150 GB
    MySQL DB Size1GB per DB1GB per DB1GB per DB1GB per DB
    Milesweb reseller hosting plan
    Unlimited Reseller Hosting

    WordPress Cloud Hosting

    Replication & Load Balancing YesYesYesYes
    CPU Cores 1 Core2 Core2 Core4 Core
    Memory (RAM) 1 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB
    Host Domains1155
    SSD Storage20 GB40 GB80 GB120 GB
    Bandwidth100 GB200 GB400 GB600 GB
    Visits / Month15,00030,000225,000300,000
    Milesweb wordpress hosting

    Milesweb hardware configuration is world-class and combined with killer price.


    Hardware configuration

    Out take:

    We strongly recommend Milesweb on the basis of a combination of price and hardware configuration.

    Tech Support

    If you are buying hosting then I would personally recommend that you must look at the tech and sales support availability first. Remember, all the servers and hardware are hosted and reside in their place and you are only a remote user with limited access to it. If you are stuck somewhere, then there is no way you can solve it on your own. You must consult support.

    MIlesweb tech support is available 24x7x365. They provide support through chat (the most popular and most preferred way of getting support), ticket, phone support, video tutorial, blog, forum, and many more.

    After purchasing the Milesweb product you will get a ‘client area’ login and password. There you can manage all your products and can raise tickets and chat directly.

    Even without logging in to your admin module, you can just go to and start chatting with sales and support staff just by providing your registered email id. That way you will be getting full-scale support at the minimum effort. For a critical issue, they will automatically convert your support request into a support ticket and an automated email will be sent to you regarding the same.

    We loved their versatile and multi-channel support very much and found it to be a great relief for customers who need tech support frequently.

    Milesweb support is state of the art and they provide multi-channel support 24x7x365.


    Customer support

    Our take:

    You can choose Milesweb only because of their dedicated and swift support.

    Cheap Reseller hosting
    Free Domain

    Milesweb will give you a free domain to choose from except the lowest cost package. For example, you can not select a free domain on Tyro package, but in Swift and Turbo package you are entitled to choose a free domain.

    Free SSL

    Mileweb gifts you a free SSL for a lifetime on all of their hosting packages. No headache to buy and renew a standard SSL!


    Unlimited Hosting options have the Attracta SEO module pre-installed. This module will create and submit sitemaps to all the top-level search engines at one click.

    Buy Domain

    Unlike Cloudways servers, Milesweb will let you buy a domain from their own registry.


    Milesweb provides email hosting free with every hosting you buy.

    Money Back

    They will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the server is not suitable for you then they will give you a complete refund.

    Server Location

    The only cons that we have found are their VPS server location. Most of their VPS servers are India and USA-based. The majority of their servers are India-based. Therefore, some optimum locations like Singapore, the UK, etc are not available for Milesweb.
    So if your audiences are Indian subcontinent or part of USA-based, then it will be the most advantageous to go for Milesweb.

    VPS Plesk or cPanel is not free

    For a VPS, unlike other hosting providers, Milesweb will bill you extra for cPanel or Plesk! They also do not provide CWP panel option for VPS.

    Milesweb has advantages in most cases

    Free Domain
    Free SSL
    Buy Domain
    Money Back
    Server Location
    VPS Plesk or cPanel is not free

    Our take:

    Taking into account a few important features, Milesweb is ahead in most of them.

    Milesweb Server Review
    • Cost
    • Hardware
    • Tech Support
    • Free Domain
    • Free SSL
    • SEO
    • Buy Domain
    • Email
    • Money Back
    • VPS Server Location
    • VPS Plesk or cPanel is not free


    Milesweb is an excellent web hosting service provider. They will give you very high quality of hardware and undoubtedly the cost is the cheapest. Their sales and tech support is also excellent and available for 24x7x365. We highly recommend that you opt for Milesweb if you want a best value added service without headache. Milesweb will be particularly suitable for you if your audience is located in India or USA.