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My Journey to become a Blogger



    My Journey to become a Blogger


    It’s been five years now when I write my first blog post. When I created my first blog website then I was totally unaware of how to write content, how to share it and how to do search engine optimization of it. The three things I mentioned here are pillars of blogging. Without learning and understanding content creation, Sharing techniques, and SEO, it is very unlikely to become a successful blogger.

    In early days of my blogging, I just knew the WordPress platform little bit. Apart from this, everything was new to me.The biggest task in front of me was to choose the Niche to write blogs about.

    I decided to write on distance learning. I choose this niche because i had completed MBA degree from IGNOU few days before starting my first blog website.Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the largest open distance learning universities in the world. Every year huge number of students enrolled in it.

    So, I decided to help these students by providing relevant information about admission, hall ticket, date sheet, re registration, Ignou result , etc through my blog posts.It was beautiful journey through these five years as I have interacted with many students and helped them as well.

    In Indira Gandhi National Open University, the process of admission is online for most of the academic programmes. Also, the procedure of Ignou exam result declaration is online as well. Most of the newly enrolled students in IGNOU find it difficult to understand the complete process of study. They don’t know what to do after registering for any course.

    So, I decided to provide them a platform where they can easily find the answers of their questions. I created many blog websites related to IGNOU distance learning out of which IGNOU student zone is the best one.

    My website Url:

    Whatever, I learned from my earlier websites, I use all that experience in this website. Still I am learning new things every day and try to implement them on my website to provide more useful information to my followers in a more better way.

    Along with blog website, I choose to share content of my blog on various Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Plurk, etc. At present, Social media is at boom and most of the people are using these platform to find and read information along with Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, etc.

    When I created first facebook page, I never thought that one day I would have above 11,000 followers on my page. But due to my hard work and dedication, I did it. Now, every day many students ask their queries and I try to answer them in a professional way.

    I never try to write blog just for sake of earning through advertisement.My first motive is always to help students so that they can easily complete their studies.

    During my study in IGNOU, I face many difficulties. It was very tough for me to understand the things but I managed somehow. Now, I think if I know something about IGNOU why shouldn’t I share them with students. This motivates me to move on day by day.

    This is a little short story about me. I hope it will inspire many.




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