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My Sparkling Star




    My Sparkling Star


    Every girl has a sparkling star in her life, someone that she loves so much but still, she is a competition no matter what she does or how deep is their love. She is that one to me. My eldest sister, my idol, my soul mate, my adviser, nearly my everything but yet she is my sparkling star.


    She is an adorable person, the one you see her and fall in love with her right away. She helps everyone and does not hesitate to sacrifice all her time and resources for you if you need her. Moreover, she can dedicate people for your help, if she can. The kind of person who is smart, intelligent and gives you the best and righteous advice. She is a talkative person who mesmerizes you with her words. She is always the center of attention in everything or everywhere and that bothers me like hell.



     On the contrary, I am a quiet peaceful person who likes to stay alone most of the time. Do not like talking a lot, but at the same time sociable and sweet. I love everyone and do not hate anyone no matter what they do. I give the people who hurt me a million reasons for their behavior. My friends love me and believe that I am the best friend and sister they can get. And when I say that, the theory is applied to both girls and boys.



    During our teen-aging time, she was the beautiful girl who had a great body and a beautiful face, while I was the sweet girl who was a little bit chubby – no perfect body if you know what I mean- and wearing glasses which I used to hate them so much. As a result of this, she had like a million admirer who was charmed by her and I was the one who falls in love with million guys but in imagination only. She had a boyfriend and I had guys who I love secretly and have no guts to admit it to them. Yes… I envied her and felt that I was not enough to those around me. No matter how I felt or what I do; I will always be the best friend and nothing more.



    Accordingly, like many teenage girls who feel that they are never enough as they are, I tried to search inside of me for anything that makes me special, something differentiate me. In other words, I started to focus on me and going to college helps with that. I started to know different people – who do not know my sparkling sister, and I started to sparkle in my own environment. Eventually, when my friends knew her she was only the sister of a sociable sparkling character – which is me, so it was natural phenomena. 



    Finally, we grew up, and I ignored the envious feeling, as I saw what really inside of me, focused on developing myself without comparing with anyone and believed in who I am even if I do not sparkle that much. I did not try to sparkle in any way but sooner or later I found myself sparkling in my own way.



    Search for that sparkling spot inside of you, do not feel insecure when you are around people who are naturally sparkly and you will eventually amazingly glow.






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