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My Tax My Choice


    My Tax My Choice

    by Avinash Manhas



    Today I realize how bad is it, if you have to pay money from your earning (hardcore earning) and still you didn’t get the benefits. On an average of 1 Lakh I am paying to government and I don’t know what government is doing with that money. If I am responsible to show my investment, same way government should also responsible to show the investment he made from my money. But, as a commoner you don’t have those privileges or even we cannot go ahead and ask them too.

    Why don’t we have the law where only fixed certain percentage will get deducted i.e. only 5% or 10% max, and if more tax I have to pay it should be upto me. I am paying GST for everything post my tax, why so? If I am paying my tax on regular basis, I am expecting some leniency from government on some of the facilities. I am paying 30% of tax and post that I am paying GST for all things which look unfair to me. As a regular tax payer I am expecting to have free medical facilities across India from all hospitals, free education for my children, free transport service/ discounted fares across India. But, nothing I am getting why so? If I am a regular tax payer for 10 year, and during uncertain circumstance I lost my job, I am expecting to have some benefits (like medical, schooling of children) from government so that I don’t have to depend on anyone. If benefits they can’t provide at least provide with decent job in government for period of time.

    I am not sure how many of you will agreed on this, but I am expecting some of the facilities as a tax payer.





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