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Natural High VG E-Liquid from Velvet Cloud





    Natural High VG E-Liquid from Velvet Cloud


    There are two types of e-liquid: PG and VG. PG is propylene glycol, VG is vegetable glycerin. Many vape companies use PG e-liquid or a mixture of PG and VG e-liquid. PG-based e-liquid has a thinner consistency allowing the liquid to be easily absorbed by the wicks in vaporizers. Because of this thinner consistency, PG-based e-liquid also leaves less gunk build-up giving its users less time needed to clean the vape.

    VG-based e-liquid, on the other hand, has a thicker consistency, which leaves a slower absorption rate by the wick and, also, tends to collect more gunk, which means more cleaning for the vape user. Aside from this, however, VG e-liquid is the preferred e-liquid to many vape users. One of the top benefits of vaping Natural high VG e-liquid is the fact that is has much less of an allergy risk. While PG-based e-liquids do have a stronger throat hit, it is also known to have caused allergic reactions to some vape users. Pure VG-based e-liquids, however, tends to give less allergy reactions but also has less of a throat hit.

    Many people also like to vape VG-based e-liquids over PG-based because the VG-base gives them thicker vapor clouds. If you are someone who only smokes VG-based e-liquids, or if you are looking to make the switch over to VG, Velvet Cloud has all of the e-liquid you need.

    If you head on over to their website, you’ll find that Velvet Cloud has four different categories for their e-liquid: dessert, fruit, tobacco and menthol, and unflavored.

    Their dessert e-liquid combines some of the classic childhood desserts with your favorite camping pastimes. Some of their most popular options are ‘Campfire,’ with smoky flavors of toasted marshmallow infused with graham crackers and chocolate. ‘Nutty Cookie’ gives you the sweet taste of sugar cookies, pralines and hazelnuts, topped with white chocolate. Sometimes you’re just craving for something sweet to satisfy your tastes. Instead of hunting down a good dessert bakery, you can simply whip out your vape and dessert flavored e-liquid and puff away.

    Not much of a dessert fan? Maybe you prefer your sweets in the form of fruit. Velvet Cloud has some of the most delectable and juicy e-liquid flavors that will ever touch your mouth. Infused with berries, sweet tea, peaches, and citrus, their fruit flavored vape juice will keep your mouth fresh and filled with a good taste all day long.

    For those who can’t get enough of their tobacco or menthol, Velvet Cloud also has tobacco and menthol e-liquid flavors infused with some of the finest tobacco, berries, mints, and sweet flavors like butterscotch and custard to keep your mouth watering and craving for more.

    Velvet Cloud also knows that there are some people who prefer to experiment and create their own e-liquid flavors. This is why they created their ‘Unflavored’ e-liquid. Made with pure USP VG and a touch of water, users who choose this vape juice can create their own unique flavor that caters to their specific tastes and preferences.

    All Velvet Cloud e-liquid can also be purchased with or without nicotine. Simply choose one of their nicotine strengths once you decide which flavor you want, and you are good to go. All of the Velvet Cloud e-liquid is made with natural high VG e-liquid and has no added coloring or artificial sweeteners, is sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. Their goal is to create some of the best liquid vapor that can cater to anyone’s needs. Visit them online today, try some of their flavors, and see for yourself!

    For more information about Menthol Flavored E Juice and Fruit Flavored E Juice Please visit : Velvetcloud.