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Natural Shampoo: What You Need to Know



    Natural Shampoo: What You Need to Know


    Switching products is not easy, especially when we are used to certain products that are part of your tried and tested routines. One of such products is shampoos and conditioners. However, shampoos are slowly becoming chemical-infested bottles of suds that do more damage to our hair than make them better. 

    More and more people are switching to natural shampoos from brands such as Davines. Shampoos with chemicals in them are harsh and give little to no nourishment to the hair. Current shampoos in the market contain chemicals, silicones, sulfates, and more to harm your hair. 

    More than that, these chemicals and ingredients make the scalp dry, irritate it and make it so much easier for you to lose your hair more than you should on a daily basis. These things don’t matter or even occur when you use organic or natural shampoos. 

    Here is everything you need to know about natural shampoos before you switch to them. 

    What Do Natural Shampoos Actually Do?

    Natural shampoos don’t have any chemicals or any ingredients that will be harmful to your hair or your scalp. Many of the shampoos in the market contain an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that creates foam and gives you that satisfying suds to clean your hair. However, it also strips your hair from moisture. Natural shampoos don’t have this ingredient, which is why they don’t lather in the same way. However, in doing so, they preserve the natural moisture in your hair, keep it healthy, shiny and gorgeous without any added chemicals. 

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    Common Ingredients in Natural Shampoos

    One of the biggest advantages of natural shampoos is that they are made with organic products that are tried and tested to work best. A large part of any natural shampoo is made up of natural oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, castor oil, and more. You will regularly find fruit extracts in the shampoo ingredients as well. All of these products nourish your scalp, make your hair smoother and shinier, and overall make sure your hair health only gets better. 

    What Should You Expect After Switching to Natural Shampoos?

    First of all, you should never expect the shampoo to create a lot of lather like your typical shampoos. They don’t have a foaming agent, so they don’t do that. However, it will get your hair clean regardless of the lather. Your scalp may take a few days to get used to the new shampoo. Some people can experience an oiler scalp after the first few washes, but that changes as you use it more. Your hair will grow longer, stronger, and healthier and you will see the difference when you have less frizz and dryness than before. 


    Natural shampoos are the healthier option for you, your scalp, and the environment at the same time. you will reduce the toxins factories release when they make chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners. Plus, every day will be a good hair day when you use a natural shampoo.