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Nature’s Finest in Vapour Juice




    Nature’s Finest in Vapour Juice


    Many companies in today’s economy boast that they have natural products. Not all of these companies really stand by this word. However, one company that really does offer a naturally-sourced e-liquid is Velvet Cloud. They use only the best products to make their e-juice so you can have the best possible product sent straight to your home or shop. They have kept to their roots by using classic recipes with quality ingredients and by keeping their business at the home base they started in.

    Velvet Cloud keeps to their pledge to make the absolute best flavors of Natural E Liquid. They use recipes that they link to some of their fondest memories. If it happens to be snowing out and you desperately need a little dose of summer, look no further than the Summer Sweet flavor by Velvet Cloud. It is flavored with accents of raspberry, sweet tea, lemonade, and watermelon. These flavors will pull you right back into a summer day sitting poolside and enjoying a break from reality. If you are on the opposite side and are missing the holiday season during a sweaty summer evening, give the flavor Frosted Gingerbread a try. It will make you think of all the fond memories you have shared with your loved ones, sharing delicious treats and love in abundance. If you want something a bit more classic, they also have some lovely tobacco and menthol flavors like Blue Beard, Mt. Shasta Frost, Burley Beard, and White Beard. No matter what mood you are in or what sort of flavors you prefer, Velvet Cloud has just the right thing for you.

    Not only does Velvet Cloud have a flavor for every person, but they use some of the best ingredients available to them. Using ingredients that have no gluten, GMOs, animal products, sugars, and artificial sweeteners or coloring they can product the absolute best natural e liquid on the market. They compare their flavors and ingredients to going to a farmers market, with a variety of fresh new items for every person. The base of every flavor of E-juice is made of the most basic and natural ingredients. They create it using USP vegetable glycerine, a touch of water, and if you want nicotine. This simple formula leaves so much room for creativity to make your own flavors and know exactly what is going into your body. They truly focus on doing things naturally and making each product wholesome.

    Keeping everything local and natural is a huge part of Velvet Cloud’s legacy. They started out in San Francisco because they felt that the town they love so much needed its very own artisanal vape juice supplier. Everyone loved their product so much that they grew to supply their natural e liquid to the rest of the nation. While they still make the same small batch flavors in their home town of San Francisco, they can now ship anywhere to share the love they put into every bottle of e-juice with as many people as they possibly can. This care and awareness shows just how wonderful this company is and how they pay attention to every detail of what they do.

    Finding a company that really cares about their product and those that use it is a rarity in the world of today. Velvet Cloud shows how much love they have for their e-juice in every bottle. By creating their products using natural ingredients, having fantastic selections of flavors for every palate, and keeping to their roots, they can supply the best premium vape juice that can be fathomed. Ordering from another vape shop would be foolish, if you want the best product from people that know and care about vape juice, order today from Velvet Cloud!

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