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Need an advice



    Need an advice

    -by Christian



    I have a lot things in mind. A lot things I want to do for my family especially for my mom.

    A lot of people say that am stupid and I wont do anything in my life. That doesn’t make me sad at all, what makes  angry  me  is when one of your closest family member thinks the same about you and your mother, and still have proofs to prove it right. My life hasn’t been that bad, but the way I think of it, is different from what other people see it. A lot of people think because I was raised for a rich family, I have to be one of the spoilt rich kids. They are not wrong, because they way I live proves it right and my bank account does also prove it right.

    I lot of people think that being born from a rich family makes your whole life easy and fun. Cant blame them. But the is something’s they also should take not of, like me a first born in my family and am a boy which means a lot of people expect me to take over, which also want I want but how will I do that when am still like this. Or when I still take things for granted. Which is not the main reason, but how will I take over when I have a lot hatred inside me, I have a lot anger about a lot of my family members where I even wish I would hurt them to feel happy or even lose them to get peace inside me . may be am selfish to start thinking of taking over by this age. But don’t you also think that some people deserve to be hurt more in order to forgive them or let them into your life again.

     My sister always tells me that some people are just like that you just do what you have to do, make yourself happy, spend time with people you love and care about. That God knows what to do with them. But I also think God needs someone to send them to him in order to make it quick.





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