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Notes Are Not Just For Music




    Notes Are Not Just For Music



    Just like how everyone has different tastes in favorite food, everyone has different preferences for their vaping experiences. A big draw to using a portable vaporizer is that you can choose from a variety of flavors. Velvet Cloud offers a variety of E Juice Flavors that can cater to every bit of your personal taste. If you like sugary sweet flavors, traditional tobacco flavors, or refreshing fruity flavors there will be an e juice that you will enjoy.

    If you are the type of person that would eat ice cream breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, you may find an interest in the dessert e juice flavors. Made from natural ingredients, you can find a flavor to satisfy your never ending sweet tooth, with none of the calories. For something with a creamy taste, one might try a bottle of the Vanilla Custard which comes with a happy little bowl of custard smiling on the front of your bottle. Or, maybe you are the type that sways more towards chocolate and darker flavors, in which case you should sample Mewlew’s Magic which has hints of chocolate, fudge, and butterscotch. If you are up all night working hard, Velvet Cloud’s Night Shift flavor might be right up your alley with hints of coffee and chocolate glazed doughnut. Any one of these flavors would be a great way to end a meal, or even as a little treat for yourself throughout the day.

    Sometimes you want something sweet, but not quite as sugary as the dessert selections available. In this case, it would then be a good idea to try out one of the many fruity e juice flavors offered up by Velvet Cloud. If one day you’re feeling particularly regal, you could try their Catherine the Grape flavor with pinot noir grapes and hints of black currant. If you want something a bit more summery, you can try their Summer Sweet flavor. It is reminiscent of sitting on the porch on a warm evening with flavors such as raspberry, sweet tea, lemon, and watermelon. If you wanted something a bit more subtle but still with that summer feeling, you can try the Peach Tea with flavors including black tea and sweet peaches. Maybe you want to unleash your wild side; try the flavor Pandamonium. It is a unique white gummy flavor with notes of pineapple and citrus.

    Even with all of these new and interesting flavors, sometimes you just want something more traditional. There truly is something to old flavors we know and love. If this speaks to you, you may want to sample the tobacco and menthol flavored e juice. If you are planning a camping trip with your friends, you might want to look into the flavor Burley Beard. It is a down to basics tobacco that features Flu-Cured Kentucky leaf tobacco for that very original flavor. Or if you want something slightly sweeter but still a main flavor of tobacco, Velvet Cloud offers their flavor Blue Beard. The tobacco is Virginia and honey cured, with added flavors of blackberry and blueberry to add a slight hint of sweetness to the full bodied tobacco. Another slightly sweet version for those that like more sugary sweet things is the flavor White Beard with butterscotch and custard to compliment the tobacco.

    Finding your favorite flavor might not be easy with all the options available, but with Velvet Cloud it will surely be an enjoyable experience. Whether you like a sweet dessert to wrap up your day, some fruity goodness to keep you going, or something more down to earth and traditional, you can surely find a flavor to your liking.

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