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The Number 1 Problem With Your Back And What You Can Do About It




    The Number 1 Problem With Your Back And What You Can Do About It


    -by Marshall



    Lower back pain and chiropractic care

    Do you remember that last time you had a lower back pain? Maybe you are in pain right now? How does the pain make you feel and what could you be doing with your life if it wasn’t for your lower back pain?

    Unfortunately, up to 80% of the community will experience lower back pain – it is the number 1 problem with your back. This article looks at why we experience lower back pain and how chiropractic care helps.


    First though, what is chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and how these disorders affect one’s overall health. Chiropractic services are predominantly used for treating musculoskeletal issues and disorders like lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and joint pain.


    Chiropractors are spinal health professionals

    Chiropractors are health professionals that aim to keep your spine healthy. Your spine houses your spinal cord and provides protection to your central nervous system. Every part of your body and most functions performed by your body rely on the communication pathways between your brain and your nervous system, from a single cell up to whole organs.

    For this reason, even minor spinal misalignments or postural imbalances can lead to health or functional disturbances, even in areas that aren’t directly connected to your spine.

    There are actually many different types of chiropractic, with each variation having a unique focus. Here are some of the different types of chiropractic:

    • Gonstead chiropractic – this approach is based on biometric principles that your structure (hips, spine and shoulders) need to be in alignment for better health outcomes
    • Evidenced based chiropractic – this approach relies on the latest scientific and medical research to inform treatment options and what is proven to work
    • Vitalistic chiropractic – this approach is based on the philosophy that our bodies want to be healthy and that we all have an inbuilt innate intelligence that works to keep us health.


    Problems with your spine – lower back pain

    Misalignments, injuries and postural imbalances can affect your body’s ability to function, and may cause pain and discomfort. The most common problem with your spine is lower back pain, which affects an estimated 80% of the population (at some point in their life).

    You have facet joints along your spine – in your lower back they are known as lumbar facet joints. These joints bend and twist and allow you to move, run and function in ‘normal ways’.

    Sudden movements or excess pressure placed on these joints are a leading contributor to lower back pain.

    Other common causes of lower back pain may include:

    • Heavy lifting
    • Disc degeneration
    • Poor posture habits over time
    • Prolonged periods of sitting (e.g. working in an office or stationary behind a computer screen)
    • Sports injury
    • Accidents, trips and falls


    How does chiropractic help treat lower back pain?

    Chiropractic health uses spinal adjustments to correct misalignments and to restore more normal function and movement to stuck joints. Chiropractic adjustments also aim to keep your body in line and balanced, enhancing your body’s natural healing processes. This holistic approach allows your body to recuperate and rejuvenate on its own, without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

    In Chiropractic, emphasis is given to manual adjustments along the spine, targeting common muscular disorders. The treatment is done to reduce pain and restore or improve functionality in individuals through exercises and lifestyle changes or modifications that ensure a healthy back.

    Additional or complimentary therapies may also be used in combination with chiropractic care to provide more robust and efficient treatment outcomes for patients.

    They include:

    • Heat or cold packs
    • Massage or soft tissue activations
    • Diet supplements
    • Exercise for rehabilitation
    • Posture coaching
    • Dietary changes


    Are chiropractors doctors?

    Yes, chiropractors are Doctors of Chiropractic. They are also called chiropractic physicians, D.C.s or ‘chiros’. Chiropractors undergo a lot of training and have a range of diagnostic skills, so they can diagnose and recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises, while offering dietary, lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

    Chiropractors are five-year tertiary trained healthcare professionals.


    Chiropractors treat more than just lower back pain

    While Chiropractors are the first choice for lower back pain, there are times when chiropractic can be used as a complimenting option for relieving pain or improving mobility for other symptoms.

    A great example of this is the use of chiropractic by professional sporting teams. Most pro teams boast a resident chiropractor who works with the athletes to improve and optimize their biomechanics, while preventing serious injuries before they can occur.

    Other popular uses of chiropractic include for the treatment of:

    • Neck tension and neck pain
    • Hip pain
    • Sciatica (nerve pain)
    • Scoliosis (abnormal spinal twisting)
    • Back pain experienced while pregnant


    If you are suffering from lower back pain and experience some of the problems discussed in this article, it is important to see a qualified healthcare professional who may diagnosis your problem. Putting up with pain or simply taking a pain-relieving drug never addresses the underlying cause of your pain and only masks the symptoms.

    Hopefully this article has better helped you to understand the number 1 problem with your back and what you can do about.








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