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    Yes, the time has come to show everyone can contribute for the nation at the time of need. In the present scenario, we need to understand that we have two, and probably only two enemies in this world. I shall definitely put Pakistan on top and then China. They are our enemies because of many reasons. We need to take both of them seriously and no negligence should be there at any cost. We need to cope with both in different ways. While we think about Pakistan, we know we are a stronger nation than them and it is almost impossible for the Pakistanis to win against us. We are stronger than Pakistan economically, financially, and off-course in sense of War equipment.  we should not be much concerned for them because at any point of time, we can crush them in every strata of war. While we talk about China, I am not hesitant to say that they are stronger than us in all those aspects as we are against Pakistan. What does it mean?  If war starts against China, shall we be defeated? If we do not change, if we do not understand the reality, if we do not take it seriously now, we are on the verge of letting our country down.

    Let’s compare between India and China to understand the current status of both the countries:


    • India has a total of 21,40,000 active personnel and China has 23,00 ,000.

    Are we really 1,60,000 less than Chinese? On paper, it’s true. Having said that, we are almost double of them because I strongly believe one Indian army is twice of a single bony Chinese army. Our Indian army has shown their bravery and valour many times and it needs no further justification. Overall, we are far ahead of them in this respect.


    • India has 4,426 Tanks as against 7,760 of China.

    India has 5,681 Armoured fighting vehicles as against 6,000 of China.         

    India has 5,067 artillery as against         9,726 of China.       

    India has 292 Self-propelled artillery as against 1,710 of China.

    India has 292 Rocket artillery as against 1,770 of China.


    This picture does not look promising.


    • India has 2,216 aircraft while China has 4,182  .

    India has 323 Fighter aircraft while China has   1,150  .

    India has 329 Multirole aircraft while China has 629.  

    India has 220 Attack aircraft while China has    270.   

    India has 725 Helicopters while China has 1,170.


    This picture also does not sound good as well.


    • India has 214 naval and China has 780.

    India has 2 Aircraftcarriers and China has the same number of them.

    India has 11 Destroyers and China has 36.

    India has 15 Frigates and China has 54.

    India has 24 Corvettes and China has 42.        

    India has 15 Submarines and China has 76.


    What on earth should I say about this?

    Overall, it may be construed that we are probably lagging behind, at least on paper. China has more army, war artilleries, modern aircrafts, war aircrafts, tanks and more developed war equipment. On this ground, if we have a war now, we may be defeated. Then what should we do?

    Most of us will definitely suggest to boycott the Chinese products. Many of us might have done this but unfortunately there are still many remaining to do so. This article is especially for them who are still reluctant to boycott the Chinese products.


    China Nominal GDP is $14.14 trillion and $27.31 trillion in terms of PPP.

    India Nominal GDP is $2.94 trillion and $10.51 trillion in terms of PPP.


    There are many ways to calculate GDP of a country and understated formula is one of the most reliable one.


     GDP = C + G + I + NX

    (where C=consumption; G=government spending; I=Investment; and NX=net exports). All these activities contribute to the GDP of a country.

    Clearly, net export plays an important role in the calculation of GDP. The higher exports result in the higher GDP.

    The value of a nation’s total export goods and services minus the value of all the goods and services it imports equal its net exports.

    Let’s come to a table provided by


    As per the data, net export of China from India is $56 bn or $0.056 trillion which is approximately 0.4% of their total GDP and 0.21 % of their GDP in terms of PPP. The figure seems very nominal in respect of China. But if we do the same calculation for India, net export of India from China comes to approximately 2% of their total GDP and 0.53 % of their GDP in terms of PPP.


    Some start assuming boycotting Chinese products does not matter much. But those people have not seen the other side of the coin.


    When we stop using Chinese products, these will happen:


    • We would start buying same products which were made in India. It would boost the Indian economy. Yes, I do agree that it would not happen immediately but remember Rome was not built in a day.
    • I strongly believe boycotting Chinese products make change. Make in India will get its pace. They start thinking about new and innovative technologies. The entrepreneur can have better market to sold their goods. Further will provide employment to the Indian people. As a whole, it increases the Indian economy.
    • Due to Covid-19, the whole world is opposing China because most of the countries find China responsible for this somehow. The other countries may start investing in India that they were earlier investing in China.
    • Boycotting Chinese products not only deteriorate Chinese economy to some extent but also increases consumption of Indian products and offer more investment in India and if you see the above formula of GDP, you will find consumption and investment are directly proportional to GDP. Hence, India’s economy will boom.
    • When economy of the country will be better, we will be financially stronger and we can have many more highly developed war artilleries because we could invest more in defence.


    I reckon these are some logical points to boycott Chinese products for the nation we live in, for the nation we love, for our India.


    Let’s skip this topic and come to the next one i.e boycotting Chinese apps and especially the most debatable one, tik tok.


    First, we need to boycott Chinese products. And when we have boycotted Chinese products, ask yourselves why have you boycotted their products. You will hear a sound from your heart, “for the nation”, “for the wrath against China when they killed our 20 Jawans” and “for their unbelievable nature”. China is a county you can not trust upon. They can cheat anyone and go to any demeaning extent. While we use Chinese apps, we are vulnerable to leak all the information to them.

    Their cunning intention gets more justification when I watched a video by someone. According to the video, while you install Tik Tok, they do not ask you permission to access your location. It means if you change your country in the app, the shown video in Tik Tok should be relevant to that country and language of that country in particular. While you change country in any other apps, result will be according to the changed country. You will get contents i.e. relevant to the changed country and language of that country. Surprisingly, Tik Tok does not follow this norm. Even when you change country in Tik Tok, you will be continuously watching videos as earlier i.e. mostly Indian videos in Hindi.

    If the claim of the person is true, it squarely means, Tik Tok is accessing your location and that too sans your permission. You need to rethink why they are doing this. If they had no bad intention, they could easily ask for the permission to access your location. But they do not ask for you permission rather use your location without your consent. I find it sufficient for not using Tik Tok.


    Forget everything. Just think if we suddenly stop using Chinese apps, China will be morally down to see this unity and patriotism in some ways. If we can stop using their products for the nation, why can’t we uninstall their apps for the country. We can definitely do this and we will do this.


    The third and the last topic of this article includes my humble suggestions. I have shunned using Chinese products fully and I try my best to by Swedeshi products. But when you have to buy something in electronics, you will find  you have hardly any Swedeshi option and that time you will be compelled to buy the foreign products.

    For this I request our intellectuals that we are a country that can manufacture something that is beyond imagination of others. Can’t we be in better position in the field of electronics so that we can be independent.

     By the way, it’s not on card now. It will take time. For the time being, we should buy made in India products up to the possible extent. And higher price should not come to that impossible extent. I mean we should not buy Indian products just because others are available in lesser price.  In the beginning, it might sound awkward to pay extra penny to buy Swedeshi products but in the long run, India would be placed at the top in every international ranking. And that day you will be full of pride that you have contributed for this.


    Let’s start these:

    • Boycott Chinese products (100%)
    • Start buying Swedeshi products
    • Uninstall Chinese apps

    I have already started this mission. I know my contribution would be 0.0000001 % but have you ever thought the result when it will get multiplied by 135 crores i.e. total population of India.


    To sum up, I will just say only our soldiers are not responsible to protect the nation but each citizen of the nation is equally responsible to protect the nation. All have different types of roles. The soldiers will fight in the border and we, the general citizens will fight within the country by being patriotic when the word, “patriotic” does not only confine in its definition but in its real sense of contribution, sacrifice, selflessness and unity.

    Let’s pledge we shall not use Chinese products even when it is the last option we have.

    Let’s pledge we shall not buy other products than the products-made in India just because of higher price.

    Let’s show the dragons that they are mythical and we are the real TIGERS which still exist.