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    – by Zain


    Your mind, a beautiful asset I must say, has been prone to much delusion, to an extent that production of intriguing and challenging attributes, begins. Think of it as a drug, when not in dose, the side effects may be exhausting for you. To overcome that, you overthink.
    Your brain, a beautiful machine I must say, has been busy with many questions that seeking answers has been one of its sole purpose. When the environment does not provide you with such questions, your brain, a marvelous piece, stands on a cross road. Will it develop fresh problems or will it seek new answers to the previous ones? Or will it produce answers to question and solution to problems and reactions to actions, that never existed? Hence, you overthink.
    Your cerebrum, something very exquisite I must say, cares so much about minor and major attributes, that lures into the lucidity of the Whys, the What ifs, the Hows and such, because it is it’s function after all.
    You search in the rooms of a house, a house that was in a street, a street from a town, a town among many others, all one a road, initiating from one junction, of a city, by the road you took from another city, and you go on and on in a loop, not realising. Yet you seek.
    In the bed at night, on a bus ride and most importantly, during a shower, you don’t let your mind, an intricate structure I must say, be at rest, for even at rest, only you know it’s a ship sailing in a thunderstorm for you. But you’re a skilled and experienced sailor, for you are devoted to the thunderstorm.
    You let your mind wander. Amazed by what it can wonder. For connecting the dots that you drew yourself, has become something arousing for you. Amusing at it may sound, it is fatal. But you enjoy it. For your soul is hungry. Famished. Let this delusional rain be cultivating for your drought. Let yourself be at ease by this addition of stress. Be free in your thoughts, but always bound of something unnamed.
    But the question is,
    Why do you overthink?



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