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Owner of Quantum Global Group Reveals Plans to Expand the African Innovation Ecosystem





    Owner of Quantum Global Group Reveals Plans to Expand the African Innovation Ecosystem



    Africa, being home to the fastest growing youth population in the world, represents an important opportunity for a sustainable development. However, these youth segments have specific needs, which are different from the developed nations. Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais, an African entrepreneur says, “It has become need of the hour to invest in local innovation ecosystems which cater to the prevailing needs.”

    Jean Claude Bastos De Morais


    He further says, “My ideology for developing an innovation-driven ecosystem in Africa is derived from an inclusive model that will create opportunities for the youth segments.” Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais hails an innovation-hub model, allowing grassroots innovation to evolve in an environment where collaborative knowledge, intellectual expertise, mentorship and creative exchange are accessible in a linear manner.

    With the world rapidly evolving into a global village, geographical precincts are no longer constraints for businesses. This makes it all the more important for the owners of technology-based startup to be vigilant towards the ‘business buzz’ around the globe, and to grab the right opportunities.

    Several trends on the growth graph reflect a substantial growth concerned with the technological advancement in the continent. Africa’s youthful demographic has been progressing in the digital era, making them early adopters of technology and the forerunners of innovation.

    The continent has witnessed a cultural shift from consumers of technology to innovators, capable of surpassing conventional sectors such as agriculture, while pioneering pertinent African-focused solutions in healthcare, financing and clean energy.

    Although agriculture and natural resources will continue to be the key drivers of Africa’s economic growth, implementation of advanced technologies will make a mark on the growth trajectories of most African economies. Particularly, the utmost growth opportunities will come from technological innovation in services sectors, such as banking, insurance, health, education and agriculture.

    In terms of economic growth, Africa is still on the verge of a technological renaissance because much of its prospects lie in the future. Having embraced the digital revolution, the African innovators are progressively using technology to stumble on new opportunities and access prospects to manufacture on a larger scale.