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Peace and Quiet From Your RV Stereo System





    Peace and Quiet From Your RV Stereo System


    If you’re traveling on the road in a RV, it’s a given that there will be music playing more than fifty percent of the time. Radios and stereo systems are must-haves for any kind of vehicle. Not only would driving around in silence be boring, but it could also drive you crazy. Especially during those long drives with the family. Hearing the kids bicker back and forth about invading spaces is enough to make a driver want to kick everyone out! Thus, music. There’s something about listening to music that makes everyone quiet down and relax. Music not only makes you happier, but it also relieves your stress and is beneficial for your overall health. So, if you own an RV and plan on going on small camping trips or driving long distance across the country, consider investing in an Rv Stereo System.

    Whether you are traveling in a small group or with a whole family behind you, an RV stereo system is sure to help relieve the stress. If you’re traveling alone, having a stereo system can give you some company and help take your mind off of the drive ahead of you. But, even better, having a stereo system when you’re traveling with a whole family can help you drown out the inevitable bickering and let you drive in peace. At RVupgrades, we have just what you need to ensure your drive remains peaceful.

    We are committed to providing quality RV parts and accessories so that you can rest assured that you have the best products on the market. Some of the RV stereo systems we have available for you are:

    Jensen JWM1A App Ready, Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

    This lightweight stereo system has everything you need to set up and play music directly from your phone. It is a two-wire power system with AM/FM tuners so that you have the option of not only playing your own music , but you can listen to the current radio hits too! The Bluetooth system allows you to play music from any of your Bluetooth devices and, if you download the app, you can control the entire system directly from your phone. Once you’ve settled your RV into its camping spot, feel free to step outside and relax. No need to worry about having to move every time you want to change the station, control the volume, or power your stereo system on and off. This baby is Bluetooth ready and fully accessible via the app on your phone. Better yet, you can also set a sleep timer and alarm! What a deal!

    Jensen JWM6A RV Bluetooth Stereo with App Control

    Like the Jensen JWM1A, this stereo system allows for full control via the free app. Made specifically for RV’s, this stereo features a surround sound capability if wired correctly. With a white LED backlight LCD, this system has all the features you need to enjoy your trip. Alarm clock ready with a USB charging setup, this Jensen JWM6A Stereo not only lets you play music via Bluetooth, but it allows for DVD/CD-R/RW and MP3 compatibility and an HDMI video output. It includes a wireless remote control and a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty so that you can rest easy knowing this product will give you fabulous sounds with easy access and control. On top of that, all Jensen wall mounted stereos have the same footprint making them easily upgradeable.

    At RVupgrades, we know you’ll love the products you get and the price points they’re at. If you’re planning an RV trip, visit our website to see all of the products and accessories we have to offer. If it’s a stereo you’re after, we’ve got you covered! No matter what you’re looking for, we are sure to have it!

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