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Positive outlook of COVID-19


    Positive outlook of COVID-19



    Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fibre of free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt .  

    There is no doubt that the time is tough, situations are unfavourable  but still we must acknowledge some positive ways which this pandemic has brought along.

    Better environment

    As we all know how human beings  have exploited nature for their Greed and Consumption. Before COVID-19 we were facing some environmental issues such as Global warming, the depletion of ozone layer, water pollution and soil erosion. Now most of the human population is under lock down, our environment has started healing process. Work from home has resulted in a sharp decline in carbon emissions due to the absence of commuting requirements. It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that approximately 7 million lives are lost to air pollution annually, a number that is sure to reduce with the reduction in the nitrogen dioxide levels globally.


    Work From Home:

    COVID-19 has opened the option for work from home. Both business and employees have advantage of work from home. From Perspective of employees, they are saving cost of Rent, commuting time and cost, working with more efficiency and effectiveness. From Business perspective they are saving cost of rent, electricity, cleaning, etc. So we can say that Work from home is a great option for all of us.

    Personal hygiene

    Maintaining good hygiene might have been considered a “Good habit” but now it has become an everyday practice. The WHO has also issued guidelines on how we should be safe and maintain good hygiene.

    Learn new things

    This Pandemic has given us the opportunity to learn new things. Some of them are learning cooking, improving soft skill, doing certifications, etc. This tough time has given us the opportunity and time to improve our skills.





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