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Preparing your Pooch for Doggie Daycare





    Preparing your Pooch for Doggie Daycare


    Sending your dog off to daycare for the first time is like seeing your child off to their first day of Kindergarten. Who’s more nervous and excited, you or your beloved pet? We here at Edmonton Dog Daycare want to help ease the stress of leaving your pet in someone else’s care so you can go to work or on vacation with peace of mind about Fido.

    Here are some tips to help your dog have fun and be stress-free while apart from his family:

    1. Pack your dog’s food if he will be in daycare for a long duration of time and will need to be fed. Although we do have food to provide, it is always best to stay with the same brand your dog is used to. Changing brands can cause digestive problems, which can be messy for everyone, and uncomfortable for your pet. Please put your dog’s food in a secure container, labeled with your dog’s name and feeding instructions (I.E. feed 1 cup in AM and PM).

    2. Should your dog be staying overnight, please pack his bed, favorite toy, or bone that you feel is safe for him to have while sleeping. Although we do provide bedding, your dog will be most comfortable with the scent and familiarity of his own bed. Smells from home can help ease separation anxiety and reduce the stress of being in an unknown environment.

    3. If you plan on leaving your dog overnight, or for a longer duration of time, it is recommended to start out by first attending daycare in shorter durations prior to a lengthy stay. This will allow your dog to become familiar with the facility, the caretakers, other dogs, and our daily routine at a nice, slow pace.

    4. Most dogs become very excited when they arrive at daycare. The sounds, smells and anticipation can take their energy level through the roof upon arrival, so it is important that you stay calm when dropping off your pet. Remember, your dog is extremely in tune with you, and will feed off your emotions. It is also important to make your goodbye quick, even if your dog is whimpering. Once he gets into the play area he will hopefully forget about his stresses and enjoy playtime with the other dogs.

    5. Lastly, when you pick your dog up he will most likely be exhausted and require some down time to rest and recover from a day of stimulation and play. Be sure to feed and water him as soon as you get home.

    We hope these tips are helpful to you in order to prepare your pooch for your stay with us at Edmonton Dog Daycare.

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