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How To Reach Women Orgasm- Beginners Guide

    How To Reach Orgasm
    Few days back I had a night out with an woman of great intellect and wisdom. She is like my fiend, sorry, more than a mere friend. We had drinks, food, TV, Films and absolutely “what not”! She was at her age of 54. And, as obvious, as the night entered into its darkest phase we entered into the domain of sex talk (should I say sex, talk? oops! ). The below is what I learned. the excerpt of what she told me about woman orgasm. I prefer calling it “How To Reach Women Orgasm- Beginners Guide”. shhh… don’t tell her the “Beginners Guide” part… 
    Hands down probably the most enjoyable, calming experiences you might have. It may take her more to get comfortable, and revved up. It’s not possible to expect ten minutes of oral sex particularly a half assed effort-to rock her world. Certainly every girl has another set of personal tastes, but when you stick to our step-by step guide, and steer clear of the oral sex prejudices women hate, you will probably give her the best oral of her life. First thing to know to go down on your woman is that if she is not relaxed, she is not going to enjoy it.

    The woman can get extremely self conscious over the length of time it is going to bring them to orgasm, and when she feels like she is with some man that’s not in a rush, that’s incredibly sexy. Your partner likely knows the position that’s most secure for her to be in, but when she is open to suggestions, place a cushion under her butt to lift up the basin, which will give you great influence and make her feel wonderful. The wider she’s, the more of an opening you’ve to work with. That helps with the sensation. The man be comfortable overly.

    The man might want to kneel on the bed with a pillow under his knees also, so he can only go to town. You have to start off in a teasing manner in the beginning. A little lick of the tongue going down and up is good, licking the upper thighs at first and after that slowly beginning to move down, gaining intensity and speed, she says. Listen Up. Probably the most crucial things you may do at this point read her body and by that, we mean monitor your breath, and pay attention to how she is moving her hips.

    You need to learn how to listen to her body. If you’re not listening to how she is responding, you might as well only be jerking off in the corner. Do not be scared of breaking out the vibrator. It may be an invaluable tool to the art of oral. The average girl takes 20 minutes to climax from oral sex, so you are going to be there for some time. There is no shame in implementing the aid of a tried and true toy. Use something small and easily handled so you may still seem like you are in control, she says. Put the vibrator on the clitoral hood, then spend some time with the language in the labia area. The build upward should be like a crescendo. You have to start increasing pressure and increasing speed.

    Some women may readily reach climaxes, but for others, having climaxes through sex calls for some sexual knowledge. Even the top sex position will not ensure orgasms through penetration without other excitement. It definitely could be done if you’re wanting the lady to get climax quickly. There is a greatest sex position that consistently successfully give a girlfriend an orgasm or multiple orgasms. Why? This position is the most erotic, most satisfying for both your partner and you. Women adore the way that it feels to have you pushing against her g spot. She loves how she may readily make an eye contact with you as well as touch your entire body.

    Only for more satisfying sex encounters you could have your girlfriend to raise and fold her legs a bit. Almost all women find this position a lot more comfortable. It allows for a lot access to the vaginal and, consequently, both your partner and you will enjoy more intense stimulation. This simple change could have consequences on the way you both feel. So you see now how come the missionary position is looked upon as the ultimate sex position ever. If you just then add small quirks to the missionary position, you’ll see that the woman will unexpectedly find sex not only more pleasing, but also rather variant. Only to be on the safe side, make sure that she’s her climax before you enter her, just in case the position won’t bring her to orgasm.

    The above was what she said to me. And my own experience is not very different from what she said. Timing is the hardest part in sex for men and that has to be mastered over time (The word ‘time’ is deceitful! Never think that you have 5 years to learn. Sometimes you may only have 4 minutes to learn and 25 minutes to apply! Also, different woman gets satisfied differently. Also the mood of her just before the intercourse matters heavily sometimes.). You have to be a keen observer in this case, I feel. By that, you will know your partner’s pleasure points and can combine acutely all the acts at proper time. And that is the sure ways for one or more successful and complete orgasm.
    There are two basic types of vagina I have found (and searching for a third  type, if exists!). The first type has its orifice opening and inner vaginal wall strongly attached around your penis. That means after penetration your penis wall will feel the same pressure and friction along the whole length of your penis. This one is the most difficult type of vagina wall for men. Because you will feel more bite than the woman. So what is the trick? If you are experienced then it is ok. Your penis has become a stone-head-penis. You are not going to feel anything disastrous! But for the beginners, I will advice angular penetration. That means do not put your penis vertical towards the vagina, because that will give you unescapable arousal. Rather you put your penis at an angle towards the vagina. So feeling more pressure at left side (say) of penis but feeling less friction at right side (say) of the penis. That imbalance will give you a balance in your excitement! Believe me and try it now. The second type of vagina has its opening orifice very tight, like a small rubber band, but the inner wall is spongy and thus putting less pressure around the penis! In that case deep penetration is the key. Feel the heaviest friction on the back of your penis! Not on the head of the penis! The back part of the penis is obviously feels no excitement. And you are safe.  In both  the cases the woman does not understand anything different. it is all the same for the woman, but all the different for the man! Also remind yourself that proper timing , touch, eye contact, foreplay, toys play the major role in woman orgasm.And just don’t forget it.
    Another important thing I would like to remind you is that, number of orgasm should be limited to the amount of excitement, for women. If the woman’s excitement is equivalent to 3 orgasm then giving her 5 orgasm is nothing but torture and cruelty. But women are usually very shy about that and they always give their partners the credit, but, please be assured that that is not ok for the women mind in long term! The mindset of the woman in this case is : my partner does not understand me fully, even after so many days. This is an alert sign for men. Or she may think in the pessimistic ways: I have not been able to make my partner happy. He needs more and I am not that capable of. This is an alert sign for women.
    For the beginners I think you need a little bit more scientific knowledge for a better understanding of women sexual pleasure. So the following I am adding…



    What is g-spot?

    Dr. Victoria Zdrok says in a popular website:

    Making her happy doesn’t always have to be a mystery. For years, the clitoris was considered the only trigger for the female orgasm. Alas, even finding the clitoris turned out to be a daunting task for many men, and things didn’t get any easier in 1950 when a physician by the name of Dr. Ernst Grafenberg found an even more mysterious female pleasure spot hidden within the vagina.

    This area became popularized by sexologists in the 1980s as the “G-spot.” It turns out that stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm; and in some women, it even produces female ejaculation, colloquially known as “squirting.”

    For both of these reasons, finding, stimulating and discovering how to master the woman’s G-spot has become, for both men and women, the Holy Grail of female pleasuring.

    What exactly is the g-spot?

    It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it — especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively.

    It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The “front” wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.

    The best way to find the g-spot

    First of all, the G-spot is easiest to locate when a woman is sexually aroused, so don’t stint on your foreplay first. (You knew I would get that in!)

    To locate and master the woman’s G-spot, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far as it will easily go. Then crook it up toward yourself in a “come hither” motion, sliding your fingertip along the top of the vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of that vaginal wall. (Make sure you have your fingernails clipped short and buffed before you do this — sharp fingernails will definitely spoil the effort.) This rough or slightly ridged area is the “G-spot,” and touching it will often cause a woman to react with surprise or pleasure.

    If you don’t get a reaction, here’s what you do to really master the woman’s G-spot…

    If you don’t get a reaction, don’t be too shy to ask her if she feels especially sensitive when you touch what you think is the spot. You may need to use a fair amount of pressure to find the G-spot because it is located within, not on the outside of, the vaginal wall.

    Sometimes it helps to use your other hand on the outside of the mons pubis (the hairy area above the pubic bone) to lightly massage the skin in the area where your crooked finger is touching to intensify the effect. And since not all women are G-spot sensitive, don’t get discouraged if you can’t get a special reaction.

    While some women are capable of multiple orgasms with repetitive stimulation of the G-spot, others don’t get much of a feeling and some even feel discomfort from G-spot stimulation.

    No worries — every woman will appreciate the attention and the effort! And while searching, you might discover other areas in her vagina that she responds to even more enthusiastically.

    Tapping into love

    The best way to manually stimulate the G-spot is with a firm “tapping” motion with your crooked finger. Some guys find it easier to stimulate the G-spot with various toys. Any dildo can be used for this, but the ones that are best suited for G-spot stimulation are hard and curved. Many are made specifically for G-spot stimulation, as their length, width and curve are specifically designed to take the “guesswork” out of G-spot stimulation.

    Even women who do not enjoy manual stimulation of the G-spot may enjoy penile stimulation of the spot during intercourse. So, if your penis has a natural upward bend, you’ve got it made. Other men have to find positions that maximize penile contact with the front wall of the vagina. The “woman on top” positions and posterior (doggy style) positions are best for achieving that contact.

    The only way to get G-spot stimulation in the missionary position is to prop her hips up with pillows (or with a special wedge known as “The Liberator”). Women can also intensify their ability to have G-spot orgasms by learning to contract their pelvic muscles, known as Kegel exercises.

    Sex gets better with age

    There is some evidence that the intensity of a woman’s G-spot orgasm is mediated by the hormone estrogen. Most young women under 30 find clitoral orgasms to be more powerful because, due to their relatively high estrogen levels, their vaginal lining becomes too thick to allow direct stimulation of their G-spot nerves.

    As the estrogen level begins to decline in women during their 30s, the vaginal lining becomes thinner and the G-spot becomes more accessible. That’s why most women feel that they begin to peak sexually in their early to mid-30s.




    The above is Dr. Victoria said, I have quoted her as she said.



    So what about the sex positions?

    That is really long story. I have been able to find out and discover umm… 35 different sex positions. I will explain all the pros and cons of all of them and my personal opinion in next post. With drawing.



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