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Reality of Humanity during Covid-19


    Reality of Humanity during Covid-19


    The novel corona virus has become a biggest issue for the entire world during this time. Some other nations take different kind of action effective strategies to control the situation and still finding the solution to save lives and over calm the problems. This article is based on the reality of humanity during Covid-19 Pandemic.Ultimately, In India there are lots of problems created in Covid -19 pandemic because India population is 2nd largest population in world along with diversity of religious beliefs and practices. So, here challenges are huge & different in comparison to other country.


    The situation is now going worse day by day during the lockdown; it affects the human mind in different ways.

    Some people lost their conscious and commits suicide because of depression or loneliness. Some of migrant people are homeless now they stuck in some other places and they not able to go home some of them are dying because of hunger and shortage of money food, some people are felling hopeless they not able to do anything. They are not capable to feed their family. The actual struggle is for poor people and they are real survivor during this period.

    And the biggest problem that I have felt, that is some human beings are not actually behaving like human these days. There is a statement of a famous philosopher “Man is by nature a social animalbut it seems that some people forgot about the responsibilities towards society, towards helpless people, towards covid-19 patient or towards covid-19 survival. It won’t be wrong, if I say “Man is by nature a animalwith no social responsibilities. I felt and observed, that, how people’s behavior towards our society is getting changed specially during Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, I do believe, there is an animal is hidden inside human, but that can be seen only when bad time comes. There are many people, who talked about the social things on media or other platform but, when the time comes, they just back away and do what actually they intend to do for their own benefit without thinking about others. This not fair at all..!! This is the time and it’s our responsibilities too,  to educate those people, who are treating Covid-19 survivor differently.  

    I am Not a Virus…!! Treat me equally , like others.!!!

    This pandemic is interconnected between the educated and non educated people. Where I believe education doesn’t create humanity your way of thinking your pure soul and kindness can build it. And sometimes non educated are better than educated because an uneducated person can possibly teach you more than an educated one can.

    They do according to their need, like if they feed anyone, they took pictures and post and show kindness over the social media. Nobody lives for other they live for their own survives that Covid -19 teach us. I’m not saying, that everybody are same but there are rare number of people who are doing lots of good  things for others,  who are genuinely caring to those people who really need help & need attention from our society.

    In this pandemic, some people has set an example of humanity like our medical staffs, police personnel, essential service provider and many more people who have given their best to save the humanity in these deadly days. They are REAL.!! I have huge respect for those legends.

    We need our immediate attention towards incidents happening nowadays. We should all, need to prepare to fight the battle of stigmas and social discrimination attached to Covid-19. we should all fight with Covid-19 disease, not with Covid-19 patient or survivor, they are not virus and we need to respect them. A public awareness campaign should be running through social media to end this social discrimination. We should all, raise voice against social discrimination attached to Covid-19 and keep aware people.





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