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    Life is going in a systematic manner which people considered as a standard way of living, where we all living like robots. But who created this systematic way? Who told us that life will be settled after studying for around twenty years? But the actual life hurdles start after those twenty years. After finishing this 2 decades of education people are uncertain about what they will do in their life. If some people are sure about what they want to do also, there is some sort of hurry to achieve it. We are so much busy to achieve& earn to have a quality of life, that we forgot the art of living. In this all mess up, some of us will be pushed by our parents for one more responsibility that marry some random person whom they select by seeing their financial status or family background.

    The person who just started to live by himself or herself now only have a proper time to explore themselves. At the same period of time, society will start to input thoughts of marriage in their parent’s mind, which will be further conveyed to that person that will put some sort of pressure on them from both parents and society. In their systematic life they have kept certain age limit for marriage like before 30, so that he or she should marry or else they won’t get their life partner. Our generation also very much convinced by that fake fear hence they will fall for that trap and will become part of that system.

    Now, the couple who are married in short period of span don’t know each other that much due to lack of time spent between them. They need few years to know each other, but within that gap they will have kids which results in less bonding among them and their relationship will be mainly held together because of their child. Sometime couple won’t be ready for child but due to lack of family planning or some other sociological pressure, they will be in an unavoidable situation with loads of responsibilities. By the time they realize that they will be fully immersed into this so called race of systematic life to earn money, fame and upbringing of kids by inputting their missed out dream to achieve. There by, they are pushing their kids also into the same system, in which they are already trapped. They start to live a life which they can’t change here after. Because now there is more responsibilities to fulfil from which they can’t run away.

    They might become free from most of responsibilities after their kids become independent but that time they won’t be having enough strength and enthusiasm to do what you were intended to do in your life. Even sometime we won’t be having enough time in our life, so who knows? what will happen tomorrow? It will better to do right choice at the right time and need to give enough time to our self to explore our own world and it’s need, instead of regretting later. To do right choice at the first place we need to stop doing what society want us to do and even stop trying to earn good social status for the sake of pride. These things won’t give long lasting satisfaction in long run of our life .We need to erase standards created by society from our brain , then we need to think about what is our actual interest ,strength ,skills from which can get satisfaction out of it. There we have to focus and work hard to get a career out of it. There is only one life which we got, so don’t waste it to impress or satisfy others.
    Final note to all who are struck in their systematic life or to those who are going against odds and pursuing career of their interest , please don’t forget to take a pause here and there in your life & try to appreciate for having this precious life by also enjoying the little things which you used to celebrate enthusiastically during your adolescence.




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