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Reasons Why Your Business Must Not Overlook The Importance Of Data Canter Support Services




    Reasons Why Your Business Must Not Overlook The Importance Of Data Canter Support Services


    A large number of businesses today are becoming aware of the benefits of subscribing to third party data center support and maintenance. The significant benefits of this arrangement can emphasize on the importance of the invaluable support provided by Data Center Toronto companies. Here are the top reasons why your business can never overlook the importance of data center Toronto support services.

    Excellent maintenance and low costs
    With the support of a data center, your business gets to save on the overheads of maintaining your own in-house data center. In an average, businesses are fond to save about 40 percent on the support and maintenance costs. In some cases, the savings can even be about 70 percent. When the data center support arrangement enables you consolidate contracts across devices and vendors, you can see significant amount of cost reduction and also gain access to a simplified account management.

    Enhanced control over the infrastructure
    OEMs usually find the rules governing the use of hardware rigid. They always look forward to ways to sell their new hardware periodically. As long as you are ready to keep buying from them, the OEM partners will be happy to help you. There is a growing need for agile systems. Hence your business cannot operate within the boundaries imposed. A third party who is never bound by the guidelines issued by OEM can only assist you with the deployment of unsanctioned data center.

    More flexibility
    With the ability to achieve more control comes the advantage of more flexibility too. Now you can do much more with your storage hardware. Deploying and redeploying systems in the configurations that will suit you can help deliver the benefits and advantages you will need from time to time. You are not bound by the regulations to use only the warranted hardware. Without any extra cost, you can also access additional storage and processing capacity. He maintenance costs are also very low. It is possible for you to deploy an in-house private cloud infrastructure for data center hardware. This will release the cash for reinvesting in other important IT projects.

    More ROI
    When you choose a third party data center support and maintenance service, you are automatically extending the lifespan of your hardware beyond the service limits specified by OEMs. When you are able to use the infrastructure and hardware for a longer time, you get more ROI. Hence this arrangement will also mean you can manage the IT spend in a better way and overlook the OEM upgrade cycles forever. The result is a reduced total cost of ownership. In most cases, third party maintenance services come at a lower spending than what you will have to spend on the OEM equivalent. You are therefore free to make a huge saving that you can invest in other strategic projects.

    No risks of vendor lock-in
    When you are allied to a single OEM, they will be in a position to dictate your future storage strategy. On the other hand, a third party data center support can let you define your own strategy enabling you to choose the systems and components that will suit the needs of your growing business.

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