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Repairing your Ridgid Camera



    Repairing your Ridgid Camera


    When it comes time for you to visually inspect your work or take a look at a potential problem, Ridgid cameras are a common choice for plumbers, contractors and handymen. But when these cameras need to be repaired, they cannot be taken to any regular camera repair shop. Because of the special way they are manufactured, and because of their unique functionally, only experts in inspection work should perform your Ridgid camera repair.

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    Ridgid cameras suffer from the same ailments as other cameras. Any home consumer or professional photographer knows that maintaining their equipment is vital to their success and will ensure they will not have to fix or replace their camera or accessories for a long time. Yet, accidents happen, things break, and, as a result, the camera repair business is thriving. In traditional cameras, scratches on the lenses are a common issue and these are most often resolved by simply replacing them. Camera lenses are highly sensitive by their nature and while some minor scratches can be repaired, any major damage might warrant a full replacement. This can cause major headaches for an owner of expensive lenses, so, before replacing them, ensure that they are beyond repair by visiting a qualified camera repair expert.

    With Ridgid cameras, there are additional concerns and proper care that must be practiced to get the most out of your purchase. Besides issues with the lens, Ridgid cameras can often break at the cable. These cables are inserted into troublesome pipes in order to verify work and visually inspect problems with the plumbing. These cables and their coverings are durable but not infallible and any leak or weakness can lead to outside elements and water entering the camera system and shorting the circuit. Make sure there are no cracks or damage to your cable line before you deploy your Ridgid camera to make sure you will not damage it further. However, if tragedy strikes, this outer covering and the cable within can be patched or replaced quickly and easily. Another issue with Ridgid cameras occurs when there is damage to the handheld display. This is commonly caused by everyday mistakes such as dropping the device. Though made to be durable, fixing the housing or screen of these devices is a common step in Ridgid camera repair.

    Ridgid cameras use software to allow the user to work efficiently and utilize the features of the device. It allows for a high degree of control over the interface, which allows you to adjust the camera settings and even rotate the image so that you can more clearly see the area you are inspecting. Software, as in any other computer application, can occasionally malfunction and sometimes repairs are needed to update or restore the camera’s settings.

    So, how can you get the most out of your device and avoid a trip to the Ridgid camera repair shop? With a few simple practices, it is easy to ensure you will enjoy a long-lasting camera. First, be aware of all electrical hazards. Refrain from using the camera while standing in water and keep common sense in mind at all times. Do not use the camera to break up any blockages or for any work that should be done by tools designed for that purpose. Simply use the camera the way it was intended and only as an inspection tool. But, when all else fails, we at Duracable take pride in our expertise and experience in repairing these devices and we do our best to get you back to the job site with the right tools. Save yourself the hassle and let us get you back up and running in no time.

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