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Replacing Tips for A Tile Shower Drain

    Shower Drain


    Replacing Tips for A Tile Shower Drain


    Replacing a drain in a tiled shower is a task that should be possible by the normal mortgage holder. It will require a couple of specific apparatuses and quite conceivably substitution tile. Be that as it may, this is not close as bothersome as paying a contractual worker to come in and need to complete a noteworthy rebuilding for harm to a story and roof because of a break.

    • Shower Drain
      Things You’ll Need

      • Grout saw

      • Dremel Tool

      • Fine point chisel

      • Hammer

      • Screwdriver

      • Pipe concrete

      • New Drain

      • New tiles

      • Tile concrete

      • Tile Grout

      • Grout drift

      • Silicon to seal around the drain

    Replacing a Shower Drain

    Clear the majority of the grout around the drain. You can use a Dremel apparatus or a grout saw. Grout saws have teeth on the finish of them and remove the grout. Remove just enough grout that will enable you to fix the Kohler shower drains. Try not to do pointless tiles.

    Pry the tiles up. Be cautious because you would prefer not to break them. You will see the drain lodging. Remove the drain. It will be stuck so you should pull hard or pry it off.

    Clean the drain pipe. Apply pipe bond to the pipe and within the new drain. Put the drain over the drainpipe. Enable an hour to dry.

    Replace the tiles. Use the tile bond and apply it to the tiles like a nutty spread. Make it around 1/8 of an inch. Drive the tiles down. Enable them 24 hours to dry.

    Grout the majority of the holes aside from the part around the drain. Use the grout buoy to push the grout into the holes. This will guarantee an even surface. Enable the grout to dry medium-term.

    Seal the new drain with silicone. This will guarantee that there will be no holes. You need to let this dry for at any rate 24 hours.

    Tips and Warnings

    • If you are Replacing a tile shower drain, make provisions that you will be without a shower for at any rate 48 hours.



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