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The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot

    “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the biggest hit on Sherlock Holmes series.
    A must read for Sherlock Holmes lovers!


      He then related that, the morning on which the murder of poor William had been discovered, Justine had been taken ill, and confined to her bed for several days. During this interval, one of the servants, happening to examine the apparel she had worn on the night of the murder, had discovered
      in her pocket the picture of my mother, which had
      been judged to be the temptation of the murderer. The servant instantly showed it to one of the others, who, without saying a word to any of the family, went to a magistrate; and, upon their deposition, Justine was apprehended. On being
      charged with the fact, the poor girl confirmed the suspicion in a great measure by her extreme confusion of manner.


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        The Bhagbat Geeta : Full Version

          Though engaged in the performance of worldly duties, one who is regular in the study of the Gita becomes free. He is the happy man in this world. He is not bound by Karma.
          Though full of sins, one who is ever intent on hearing the meaning of the Gita, goes to the kingdom of God and rejoices with Lord Vishnu.

          Everyday Medical Facts You Did Not Know

            The jury held Johnson and Johnson liable for the death of the woman who had repeatedly used Johnson’s Baby Powder.

            The underwear styles popular among women have a set of health risks that needs attention. Let’s see what are those 4 things that need consideration about your underpants!