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Secret: Effective decision taking ability is a choice not a talent.



    Secret: Effective decision taking ability is a choice not a talent.


    Decision is just a matter of math, irrespective of universally believe it as an innate talent. I’m certainly not denying the fact that to make a right decision, proper and sufficient set of inputs are necessary. Provided every input is available,  has it happened with you, next day morning, you feel that yesterday evening/ night, you have made a wrong decision ? or You could have avoided a fight with your parents, wife or loved ones by taking a different decision. Or you could have taken a better decision for a project given to you in the last evening. It happens with all of us, right ? Given all the inputs are same, if we are asked to make a decision, we may end up taking a different decision during a day, evening or night depending upon. Why is it so ? Whats is happening over here, then ? 

    Let’s explore and dig up the math behind it. It is scientifically proven that any human being can make only finite number of decisions during a day effectively. After that, effectiveness of that decisions decreases in subsequent manner. Of course, that number varies from a person to person. But the number is finite, say N. Now, it is up to us how to spend, use and redeem that N, while making decisions. During a day, from the morning to evening, we are taking myriad number of decisions unknowingly and spending our N effective decisions wrongly. So when we have used N effective decisions, by the time we approach  afternoon or evening, we feel exhausted and unable to take efficient decision. So the question arises here is, where are we spending that number N, decisions ? Let go in to further details. In the morning, when alarms clocks, what is the first thought comes into your mind ? You ask yourself, whether to wake up or sleep for further 10 mins. You decide to sleep for next 10 mins. Congratulations, you’ve made the first decision of your day, now N is reduced by 1, and remaining part is (N-1) effective decisions. If you snooze your alarm for 5 times before waking up, you are left with ( N-5 ) before you look at yourself in the mirror. In order to throw some extra light, majority of humans are spending their N effective decisions on, what to wear, how to go to work, whether to turn on WhatsApp, what to eat, whether to wash hair etc etc. The list contains myriad different question. Just stop for a minute and ask yourself, how many decisions you are making in a day, or using your finite number N at what ? So we are left with few effective decisions now, that we make at our office or school. By the time we approach afternoon, we have already exhausted our effective decisions. So we tend to make lesser effective or wrong decisions after that. Point is cleared now.

    Have you even though of why CEOs of big Giant companies wear same T shirt every day? Wake up at particular time every day ? Use same car every day ? and many more. Before coming to this article you may not have, but now, you have the answer. By creating a pattern for daily usage, they are saving their effective decisions being wasted on mere stuff. So that as and when required, that can take right and effective decisions at office. And we call them, great decision maker, innate talented. Since you know the secret now, just think and decide.