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Secrets of Friendship









    It is such a feeling that someone understands and praises you, as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery, and practices, you feel that you are ‘desirous’ and you are ‘a’ and a vocal in the crowd Are not there. Friendship is always better than love

    Friendships are both good and necessary. Man can not live alone. He is a social entity. He needs someone to share his happiness and misery. Generally, it is only people of the same age, character, and background, mentality, which Understand it and understand your problems. Friends are required to support and share. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life.


    They need turn to face trouble and face difficulties. According to the great Roman Statesman, Cicero “By repeating our happiness and splitting our grief, friendliness enhances happiness and reduces suffering”. Friends are required at every level of life, there is no age limit for friendship, every group of people – children, young people, old people, very old people, etc. have their friends. However, making friends of the same age group and cultural background is better true love.

    We have to choose our friends very carefully, we must remember that “not all glittering gold” In the same way, we should not go with the clear demonstration of friendship. Many good friends live with us under the guise and take us on the wrong path. Today, many young people have become socially nuisance mainly due to the wrong company and bad friends.

    We spent a lot of time with them Their mental attitude, behavior, behavior also influence us, therefore, we have to choose our friends very carefully.

    Permanent Friendship, In fact, there is a blessing good friends are great pillars of life. They help us to be tall and standing. Friendship can make or break us so that it can lead to a good career and a proper life, it does not matter how often you meet your friends, but with good time as well as how much attention you take in the bad times and feel We do. True friendship is a great asset in life.


    Love And Friendship

    True friendship is a way of mutual love for each other! In fact, there is friendship in every prosperous relationship. It is a transparent and clear bond between two people, even though the two participants are able to cook every minute thing inside the mind, even if it is not worth it.

    encourage them so that they can have a sense of friendship in each relationship. People take different forms of congratulations to their best friend, some of which include essays of friendship day, good wishes, messages, parties, day gifts of friendship and many more. Here, we are providing you with some of the essays on the day of friendship so that you can help to celebrate the spirit of friendship in the heart of people with enough enthusiasm. It is very true that love is the heart of love where it grows and grows.


    A friend is a person who likes or knows


    Those who are friends talk to each other and spend time together, they help each other when they are in trouble or are hurt. Friends are people who can be seen and can be trusted Sometimes people can not share their secret with their parents so that they can share it with their friends. Generally, there are interests similar to friends, a friend is one who admires the skill of a person and encourages or encourages them to make the right choices and cannot come in any trouble.

    The strength of bondage of friendship between two people can be different. If bonds are very strong, then they are called best friends. Being generally kind, generous, loyal, honest and having fun, can be achieved by acquiring the elements of friendship. With these qualities, you can really enjoy friendship… It is about understanding, understanding, understanding, and support whenever possible.

    Friendships are both good and necessary. Man can not live alone. He is a social entity, he needs someone to share his happiness and sorrow, generally, this is the people of the same age, character, and background, mentality, etc. Understand him and his problems. Friends are required to support and share.













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