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Segway Boards – The coolest new Hoverboards ever!

    Segway Boards The coolest new Hoverboards ever!





    Segway Boards – The coolest new Hoverboards ever!



    Segway Boards The coolest new Hoverboards ever!

    Remember the time when we used to hop on over manual scooties with pride and ride around like it was our Rolls Royce gracing the roads with its presence? It was the best time of the life right? Do not worry! You can literally reminisce all your wonderful memories by getting yourself this super cool self-levitating Hoverboard Bluetooth. This board called as Segway board is you ultimate arm to hover over the roads like a boss!

    Hoverboards are practically all over the internet these days. From ace Hollywood actors to a list athletes, everyone is a fan and so are we. You can find abundance of information about these two wild self-balancing boards but very minimum is known about its special form which is Segway. Segway boards are just 10 times cooler versions of Hoverboards. Read along to learn more about these crazy boards.

    Segways are different than hoverboards

    Unlike its contemporary Segway board is a completely different product which is owned by a certain company and there is also a patent held by that company for manufacturing these bombshells. While hoverboards are made by different companies with their own specifications. Apart from the patent, another difference is in the size of the boards. Hoverboards are comparatively larger and have 2 wheels fit underneath. However, a segway is more about strength and has a handlebar to be operated as a steering to balance.

    The functioning of Segways is better and stronger!

    Segway boards are more about better automation and more balancing. Due to its handlebar its balancing is very much easier than that of a hoverboard. In order to make it function and change the direction, one will have to operate the handle of the board. However, for hoverboards you need to put pressure from your feet on the surface of the board to move. The prime function in hoverboard is to tilt along the way you want to move forward and the key to move in a segway is to use the handlebar. This is the major difference between the two. Due to the easier functioning it is safe to say that one should better buy Segway if it is his first experience in order to stay away from any casualty.

    Best Outdoor performance

    Segway has to be the best option when it comes to having fun with your board on the streets. It is safe and lets you have a tighter grip on the board. The strong grip and amazing balancing capability can let you enjoy a safe and secure ride on the street. Also, the handle is always a bonus point in making the experience all the more fun and excitement.

    In case if you are wondering where can you buy the coolest and the most affordable Segway board then Hoverdad is your answer. Shop now and get the best Segway for sale.