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    “…I only do it, because I know somewhere, in some strange place a lonely mother with her strange child is just having a great love watching one film of mine…”

    He knows it or he just believes in it, I don’t know… I just know that those lonely mothers, strange children and strange girls as myself exist…

    So much has been said about him – he has been praised a lot, criticized a lot and yes even trolled a lot. May be craft can be judged, analyzed, praised or criticized. But how can emotions be judged? Shah Rukh Khan’s acting, his presence – everything about him is just an emotion. It can’t be analyzed, it can’t be described, it can only be felt.  

    As the man himself once said:

    “…There are moments in sequences, when I feel some connection with something which is beyond… I think it is a connection with God. I don’t know… I just feel that I am not here and there is a strange kind of floating experience that happens. It doesn’t happen in all scenes, it happens sometimes and at that point I don’t know why I’ve done it. I think that is little spiritual”.

    As I am not as well-spoken as Shah Rukh Khan, I can’t describe how his scenes are accepted by our souls – I wish I could do that. But it won’t be possible even if I try in my native language. I just can mention that Shah Rukh Khan and everything he gives us is something beyond every explanation. And none of them can be or need to be understood or appreciated by “intelligent” or “smart” people, by critics or any standards. They are just meant to be understood and enjoyed by the “strange children”, who need them the most. And I am sure that he doesn’t need anything more than this.

    We – all the strange children, of course, loved him when he expressed love saying “Kuch kuch hota hai, Anjali, tum nahin samjhoge”, but loved him more when he expressed love with his eyes without saying a word but still making us hear best poems of the world in so many scenes of “Koyla”.

    Yes, we loved him when he threatened his enemies in his sexy style in “Don”, but adored him even more when he threatened his mother with the words “Theek hai, tereko jaana hai toh ja, lekin dekhna, main bhi na khana khaoonga, na varjish karoonga aur koee gandise larki dekhake usase shaadee karoonga” in “Duplicate”.   

    How could anybody not adore him encouraging women to fight and win in “Chak de! India”? But our hearts already belonged to him when he encouraged women to live, to love and to make choice in “Paheli” saying “Prem hoon main…”

    Of course, we were in love with the COOLest father he was in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, but Shekhar of “Ra.One”, desperately doing more than his best to be cool in the eyes of his son, is very close to our hearts as well.

    Yes, we were fascinated by Dev Saran of “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna” when he screamed “I love you, Maya!” at the train station in his own “angry with life” style, but could hear silent protest of Sunil in “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa” more clearly when he pretended that hadn’t seen Anna’s lost ring at the church.

    In a word, we adore Shah Rukh Khan – THE ACTOR in each and every film, in each and every avatar! But we also admire Shah Rukh Khan – THE MAN with our whole beings.

    We admire his confidence when he gives his sharp answers to all nonsensical questions, but he sweeps us off our feet when blushes every time when hears praises.

    We love his attitude often called “arrogance” when he says “I am not here to compete, I am here to rule!”, but are crazy about his humbleness when he says “I have achieved much more than deserved”.

    We enjoy seeing him shining on the stage, but love the most his sincerity when he interacts with “common” people.

    So, dear Shah Rukh Khan, I just want you to know that all the “strange children” are grateful to you for everything you’ve done, every word you’ve said, everything you’ve taught (including Hindi in my case), every emotion you’ve created, every smile you’ve bestowed upon us and all the other things you’ve given us without even knowing and which I am just unable to express with words. Please, never forget about us and never stop being you. Never forget that, every piece of you left in movies has added and continues to add new beauties and values to the lives of millions of strange children. 



    Lots of love and gratitude from AZERBAIJAN.

    Hokume Hebibova