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Sisyphus and the Mountain of anxiety


    Sisyphus and the Mountain of anxiety

    – by Ujksh


    My incoherent thoughts growing louder and louder they drag me into one direction then pull me into directly opposite direction. I cannot make sense of it. Niether can anybody help me nor does what anyone has to say makes me feel any good .It seems like I am falling into a abyss No one can save me from. I can save myself if I knew what direction to go in but the incoherent thoughts make my heart flutter and do not help me decide a path I crave people yet I don’t want to be with them.I want to be hugged yet It feels so suffocating to be hugged I don’t know what is cause of all this pain but I feel sad. Too sad for my own sake . This sound of incoherent clatter in my head I can drown it out and have done so too,by many times indulging in unproductive things but it resurfaces and I kind of miss it too . Will this never end ?….going round in circles; like Sisyphus I will fall into this abyss tomorrow again.


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