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    STEEL or ALUMINIUM barnum?


    tent barnum from TSBARNUM


    How to choose a folding barnum?

    The folding tent market is so vast that it is difficult to make a choice.
    If you are a professional or a private individual, here is a guide to help you choose your barnum.


    First of all, what is a barnum?

    It’s a tent that can be unfolded and folded like an accordion. It can be opened without tools and can be opened by one or two people in a few seconds. The structure is often made of steel or aluminium. Covered with a tarpaulin on the roof and removable sides. The barnum is the perfect tool to create a shelter quickly and to protect from wind, sun or rain.


    An aluminium or steel barnum ?

    There are two materials on the market for the structure of a folding barnum, namely steel and aluminium. Which material should you choose? Aluminium or steel?


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    It all depends on how often you use your folding barn.
    There are three types of use: occasional, regular and intensive.

    Steel is the most popular material because it is more affordable. Steel barns are popular with individuals or professionals on a budget. Steel is very good for occasional use.

    Unlike aluminium, steel is moderately robust. It is also heavy, more difficult to handle and will rust over time.

    Before choosing a steel barnum, it is important to check whether it is rustproof. Then, we advise you to observe the diameter and thickness of the tube (there are two types of profiles: square or hexagonal). A good average for steel is 1.2 mm.


    The aluminium structure provides real comfort for individuals and professionals. Aluminium is stronger, lighter and more reliable. Unlike steel, aluminium does not rust over time.

    The aluminium marquee is aimed at customers who want quality material. For a professional use and long lasting. We recommend the hexagonal tube to the square tube. The recommended thickness is 1.5mm minimum. It is very important to open the arbour with two people and not with 4 people by pulling on the legs. It is not recommended to open the barnum by pulling on the feet. Two people are sufficient for the opening. It is sufficient to pull by the feet.


    To conclude.

    Depending on your needs and budget, choose the barnum that suits you best.

    Our advice: for professional use, choose the aluminium range for long-term comfort.



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