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Sweet Tooth Options Without the Cavities




    Sweet Tooth Options Without the Cavities


    If you are someone who wakes up with a sweet tooth every day, but also want to stick to a diet, you should try Dessert E Juice from Velvet Cloud. They have a variety of fruit and sugary flavored e-juices for you to choose from.

    Some people enjoy sweet things but want something a bit more subtle and natural. If this applies to you, you should try Velvet Cloud’s fruit flavored e-juice. If you want something to make you feel like royalty, give Catherine the Grape a try. It is a lovely mix of grape, berry, and black currant flavors. If you wish to reminisce about summer evenings on your porch with your grandmother, they offer that feeling of nostalgia with Peach Tea e-liquid, infused with hints of peaches and black tea. On the note of warm summer memories, another classic flavor offered by Velvet Cloud is Summer Sweet. It features all of your summer favorites such as lemonade, raspberry, watermelon, and sweet tea. With all of these flavors you can skip the grocery store and have your fruit salad in e-liquid form.

    If these sweet e-juices do not strike your fancy and you want something a bit more sugary, Velvet Cloud also offers dessert e-juice in flavors that will make you skip the after-dinner cake. If you are feeling in the mood for something a little nutty, Velvet Cloud offers a flavor called Nutty Cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth. It features flavors of sugar cookies, macadamia nut, white chocolate, and hazelnut! How could anyone pass on this flavor? I sure can’t. For a more festive for the winter holidays, try out Frosted Gingerbread. It comes complete with a smiling illustration on the bottle and flavor profile of the cookie and frosting combination you know and love. Looking for something a bit more rich with more depth? Try out Mewlew’s Magic. Don’t let the cute little bug on the front fool you, it is a complex blend of chocolate, butterscotch, and fudge. With all of these sweet flavors available, when it comes time to get your dessert, you can go outside and use your vape and have both your nicotine and sugar cravings satisfied.

    Now that you know all about the sweet flavors of dessert e-juice, you can hear all about how sweet Aria and Julie, the creators of Velvet Cloud, are about their company and their customers. They started out in San Francisco as a local company because they felt their beloved town was missing an artisanal e-juice supplier. Due to the overwhelming demand and love for their product, they decided to expand and start shipping all over the United States and to certain international locations. All of their products are made in San Francisco, so they are still supporting the town they started out in. They care about using local, gourmet, and organic ingredients, which is why their products taste so good. They also offer products that are vegan, sugar-free, and have no gluten, GMO’s, or artificial sweeteners! Since they know how loved and well made their products are, they offer wholesale so retailers can sell their products to people that may never get a chance to go to their shop in California.

    If you like things that are made with wholesome ingredients, with love and care put into every bit of their products, Velvet Cloud is the company for you. With fantastic fruity flavors, delicious e-juice flavors, and customer service to show you just how much they care, you will not find a company more devoted to their brand. Share a bit of that love, and try out one of their artisanal e-juices today.

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