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    Not really about the latest happenings in the world but about issues I feel a lot of people have neglected especially the teenagers.


      Don’t forget the art of living and also enjoy little things.

      Attain Your Inner Peace

        We will gradually feel an increased concentration power, enhanced memory, better health and physique, and consequently a greater sense of peace.

        Embrace All Positivity

          It is the very necessary value that keeps us moving, keeps us hopeful and teaches us that life means going forward and creating a better version of oneself.

          कुछ बातें

            “कद्र कीजिये…. इज्जत कीजिये”
            क्या पता कल हो ना हो.…

            The menstrual curse?

              I grew up in a liberal Sikh family. I do not remember having any religious restrictions imposed on me through my growing up years.

              Newbie driver’s rodhanam

                And this is a state where most everyone gets in and shuts the door and switches off lights by 9 pm. So we are travelling along winding narrow roads, with drunkards on and off