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5 Yoga Myths you must be aware of!

    There are various myths that have been associated with the practice Yoga. Let us discuss them here and try to broaden our knowledge on the subject.


    6 Important Reasons to Practice Yoga You Should Never Ignore

      When you just began practising yoga, don’t try to perform difficult asanas that require exceptional flexibility and strength. Start with simple poses and add more difficult asanas when you will be sure that you can manage them. Over time, you will see that your muscles become stronger.


      The Best Yoga Exercises for the Knees

        Knee anatomy and corrections have become a vital part of the curriculum during Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, mostly because of its huge role in perfecting the asanas.


        Health Advantages of Yoga

          To be benefited with such amazing benefits, start practicing yoga. You can also book a luxury yoga retreat in Rishikesh to experience the same; later, begin with your personal yoga practice.


          The Benefits of Teaching Pranayama in Yoga

            Pranayama or yogic breathing techniques hold crucial value in the practice of yoga. Pranayama comes from two words – Prana and Ayama which means ‘life force’ and ‘extension’.

            Asthanga yoga

            How Ashtanga Yoga Practice Increases Flexibility?

              The trick to a good flexibility within yoga is that it follows a rhythm of flow of the body movements. The rhythm that a person follows is unique to each person and is expected to find that rhythm with the course of practicing yoga for a long time.