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The 5 Best Oracle Carpet Cleaning Tips



    The 5 Best Oracle Carpet Cleaning Tips


    Our best carpet cleaning tips 

    Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar

    So many of our posts and carpet cleaning tips recommend using white vinegar to clean carpet or remove tough stains and dirt.

    Vinegar has a lot of properties that make it a fantastic choice for cleaning carpets. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and cheap and it doesn’t omit a potent odor or leave residue behind on the surfaces it cleans.

    It’s easy to use vinegar to clean carpets. To clean carpet stains with vinegar, just create solution that’s about 1/4th vinegar and the rest water, dab a white cloth into the solution and then blot the carpet stain repeatedly in a circular motion.

    More often than not, when you use white vinegar for carpet cleaning you will have a lot of success, without any harmful chemicals or chance to damage your carpet.

    DIY Isn’t For Everything

    DIY is the biggest craze in design and home repair, but it’s not always the best option for some difficult and dangerous projects.

    We recommend leaving home repair projects such as electrical work, roof repair or plumbing to the professionals. A lot can go wrong when attempting DIY plumbing and in terms of electrical work or roof repair, there is the potential to seriously injure yourself.

    Another project we recommend leaving to the professionals is carpet cleaning. While DIY carpet cleaning rental machines cost less upfront than hiring a professional Brisbane carpet cleaner, there are long-term risks that could permanently damage your carpet and create the need to purchase new, expensive carpet for your home.

    Benefits of Carpet Protector

    Carpet protectors are a liquid-based solution that is sprayed onto the surface of carpet to create a soft coating that will repel most liquid. Most carpets are manufactured with a carpet protector but that will wear over time and need to be applied again during professional carpet cleaning services.

    We recommend choosing carpet protector packages from Oracle carpet cleaners. Carpet protectors are very successful in repelling common liquids like juice and coffee and allow time for a home owner to blot the stain from the carpet surface before it becomes permanent.

    Another benefit is that all the wear and tear a carpet is put through will first impact the carpet protector instead of the carpet. If you regularly clean your carpet once a year, you can prevent your carpet from wear and tear by having a new carpet protector applied routinely.


    Prevent Carpet Delamination

    Delamination is one of the more serious problems you can confront when you own carpet. Carpet delamination occurs when the secondary backing of the carpet starts to separate from the primary back or bottom of the carpet fibers. Delamination is visible in the form of bunching and wrinkles on your carpet.

    Unfortunately, you cannot fix carpet delamination. You can only prevent carpet delamination. Poor manufacturing causes carpet delamination where the adhesive from the secondary to the primary backing isn’t applied correctly. Be sure to have you or your installer inspect the backing prior to installation. It can also occur if the carpet isn’t properly stretched.

    Other common causes include heavy traffic, chemical cleaning solvents that deteriorate the adhesive, wet carpet cleaning and pet urine stains.

    In order to prevent carpet delamination, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean carpet stains and address pet urine stains immediately. You will also want to call a drier Waukesha carpet cleaner like Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield.


    Spilled Milk

    There’s no use in crying over spilled milk, unless it’s spilled on your carpet! Milk is a fairly common stain, especially in homes with children, and it can be easy to clean, but you want to address it immediately.

    To clean milk carpet stains, you can use two different cleaning solutions, either ammonia and water or liquid detergent and water. Apply the solution to a plain white cloth and blot the milk stain until it is removed from your carpet.

    There is a chance a spoiled milk odor will remain. If so, you can place a small bowl of white vinegar near the stain to mask and absorb the odor.

    If you’re unable to remove the milk carpet stain, visit to schedule an appointment.