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The Benefits of Doing Your Own AR Build



    The Benefits of Doing Your Own AR Build


    The AR series of rifles are some of the most prolific, best selling, and renowned firearms in the world. They are revered in virtually any enthusiast circle for their high performance, functional design, and round after round, day after day, rain or shine dependability. But that’s not to say it is a perfect rifle – as with any machine that is made to regularly withstand high heat and powerful kinetic forces, the internal components of the AR are as prone to wear as any other, and malfunctions such as jams or double feeds are not unheard of. That aside, even a perfectly functioning AR may not be up to the personal preferences of every owner, and having options to modify it to one’s own liking is a large part of what makes the firearm hobby enjoyable to so many different breeds of gun owners. Most of what defines any given firearm’s functionality and performance happens in the interior of the weapon. So, to that end, let’s take a look at the world of AR lower parts kits.


    As an owner of an AR, you’ve already made one of the best choices possible when it comes to modification and customizability – the AR series has more aftermarket options than just about any other firearm on the market for anything from internal components and accessories to full on receivers. The kits typically contain the lower trigger assembly and grip as well as all the internal components of the rifle and are available in a vast array of variations made for every purpose from state to state compliance codes to ones specialized for ambidextrous shooters. This allows the savvy builder to construct his or her dream rifle, as they want it right down to each individual piece, eschewing any unnecessary or unwanted components that would be included when buying a completely new rifle. This level of personalization is not only practical for getting your rifle just to your liking, it is also a great way for the starting hobbyist to gain a whole new understanding about the inner workings of their rifle.

    These kits are generally available in one of a few major “types,” dependent on what you are looking to modify on your rifle. Generally, when someone refers to a lower kit, they mean a ‘Standard Lower Parts Kit’, which contains everything needed to make an 80% lower into a fully functioning firearm – this is what is needed for a complete build. ‘Enhanced’ kits are lower kits that contain all the same parts but with some upgraded components, most commonly those in the trigger group. Lower kits that come with the trigger assembly pre-assembled are referred to as ‘Drop-In’ kits and are easier for someone without a great deal of technical knowledge to install on their own. Repair and Lost Parts kits are the last two, and both are comprised of parts that are mainly meant to replace springs, pins, and other minor parts that are the most commonly lost or broken.

    Another advantage with building your own AR: someone who is willing to put in a little work in assembling their AR will also, in all likelihood, save themselves a good bit of cash. Buying a complete rifle is almost always going to be the more expensive option compared to a DIY build, or even, in many cases, than having an experienced gunsmith handle the assembly. For someone who is not necessarily looking to build a rifle from the ground up, such as the longtime owner looking to bring his trusty AR back to like new shooting condition, an upgrade like this can be a no-brainer. If you’re interested in purchasing a lower parts kit of your own, check out today!

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